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Happy Friday! I had my weekend started earlier since yesterday, so double the confetti please. 
Went out for a brother-sister date once again, and exploring Inside Scoop this time. Many friends of mine say I'm missing out something for not trying this, as a dessert junkie. 

The place is very spacious and kids friendly with the slides provided, keeping them busy. Staffs are really friendly too. Got to try out XO Cranberry, liked it because of the subtle alcohol taste, but if you want a stronger taste of it, chew on the cranberries. We preferred the waffles because it's so fluffy and crispy. mhmm. Teh tarik flavor memang best juga. ;P 

So far, two flavors collected. Going back to collect more. LOL. 

XO Cranberry // Butter Milk Waffle w Teh Tarik Ice-cream

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Inside Scoop @ IOI Boulevard

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