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Sundays oh Sundays. I really love Sundays. Partly due to the overwhelming work on weekdays, partly also, I love how people around me are less cranky on Sunday mornings. Haha. 

Thus, I'm starting a few series on my blog starting from June. The first one, of course, Sunday Vibes. I'll be talking about what I do on Sundays. And today, I'll share you a song I've been obsessed about. 

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay (ft Beyonce)

Especially after a doubtful Saturday, I'm in need of a uplifting song. This was perfect. It's playing on loop right now. Plus, Coldplay featuring Beyonce, c'mon. (read more about the song here)

Let me know what are you doing over the weekend. ;) 

Tanah Lot, Bali


We didn't get to see much sunset view on our trip in Bali, but the misty view of the sun behind those fluffy clouds were still fantastic nevertheless. Tanah Lot is a place where some say it is worth visiting, some say it is not. True that it is rather a touristy and crowded place, it is still great to visit once. Our only disappointment is that all temples are locked. You could only see the exteriors but not the interior, which was a total bummer. But all is good, we captured some amazing pictures and felt rather calmed with the combination sound of temple chants and beach waves (cancelling the sound of tourist rustling though). 

Lookbook | Let's Hang Out


Since I am having a full time job, I seize the weekend opportunities where I can wear my shorts, crop tops and ripped jeans. Yes, all the time. I get so excited for brunch dates and weekend adventures. So I've made a video putting on several outfits that I've been wearing lately. 

Let me know down in the comments or tweet me @minniechangg to let me know what content would you want to watch next! :)

Seeties, Swipe to Redeem Deals (Sunway Pyramid)


I was humbled that Seeties contacted me to join their collaboration launching event with Sunway Pyramid on the 20th of May. They set up lots of yummy booths to let us try using the app ourselves. I cannot believe it was so simple. Simply download "Seeties" apps, insert promo code, select deals, and swipe the voucher (sort of like tearing the vouchers, like how you would do physically LOL). They don't only offer deals for food, they also have deals for clothing, leisure, services etc.

I had a fun time getting to know more about Seeties and also, I made some new friends! Hello Christy and Honey if you're reading. and HI TIAN CHAD! Also bumped into some familiar faces (hi Carmen!). 

Well, you can tell I had a lot of fun, thanks for having me again! 

Available on AppStore and Play Store 

Top - VS outlet // Skirt - Kitschen // Heels - Vincci 

Brands mentioned - 

Inside Scoop, IOI Boulevard


Happy Friday! I had my weekend started earlier since yesterday, so double the confetti please. 
Went out for a brother-sister date once again, and exploring Inside Scoop this time. Many friends of mine say I'm missing out something for not trying this, as a dessert junkie. 

The place is very spacious and kids friendly with the slides provided, keeping them busy. Staffs are really friendly too. Got to try out XO Cranberry, liked it because of the subtle alcohol taste, but if you want a stronger taste of it, chew on the cranberries. We preferred the waffles because it's so fluffy and crispy. mhmm. Teh tarik flavor memang best juga. ;P 

So far, two flavors collected. Going back to collect more. LOL. 

XO Cranberry // Butter Milk Waffle w Teh Tarik Ice-cream

Information - 
Inside Scoop @ IOI Boulevard

TRAVEL | Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud, Bali


After feeding ourselves with those yummy ribs from Warung Nuri's, we decided to explore one of the touristy places - Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The view was stunning. The road to see the scenery was windy and narrow. We were so focused on trying not to fall or trip ourselves, we didn't notice what's going on around. We were panting once we reach to the first stop, talk about being fit, haha. But once we reached the top (well, it's just half way to the top :P) the view of rows and rows of rice terrace was surprisingly satisfying.

However, the downside of the area is the traffic and crowd. We were stuck on our scooter trying to get out of the traffic to our next destination. meh. But nevertheless, we still think you could come visit this place ;)

(Watch my vlog here!)

Travel | Ubud, Bali


The thing I regretted within the first two days is that I didn't choose to stay in Ubud. It is such a happening place where there's a lot of unique boutiques and stalls. Plus, they have lots of museums and cheap local cuisine too! On the other hand, Seminyak/Kuta was just a very commercialise place with lots of expensive food. ugh. I guess we'll have to visit Bali very soon again ;) 

On our second day (if you've watched our vlog here), we rented a bike, headed off from Seminyak to Ubud. On our way, we came across the amazing paddy field (which was way prettier than Sekinchan's. Watch the vlog here). We love the architecture along Ubud streets. Though the roads are busy and complicated, we manage to wander and explore every little alley. Oh, Warung Nuri's (Naughty Nuri branches are available in Malaysia too!), their ribs, mhmmmm! Ribs + Rice (still being very Cina), pair it up with Bintang beer, we call that a scrumptious meal.

Places visited: 
Ubud Streets // Ubud Market // Warung Nuri's

Where Else Cafe


Hi everyone! I've been editing a lot and drafting a few posts since my blog was in the midst orfrevamping. It has a new look to it now but there's still a few changes that'll be made until we get the desired design, However, let's wait no more. 

Throwing back to Mother's Day. My mom wanted a coffee night out, so we brought her to explore Where Else Cafe in Puchong. It's my second time and I love the atmosphere so far! 

We enjoyed every bit of time we spent together. Unfortunately, my dad was (still is) sick so he couldn't join us. But no worries, we're doing this more often ;)

Tiramisu Mile Crepe // Frappuccino Cheese Cake 
Matcha Latte // Sig Berry Chocolate // Hazelnut Latte // Chamomile

Top & Cap - // Shorts - OTTO Thrift // Sandals - Charles & Keith

No 27G, Jalan Kenari 19A, Puchong, Puchong New Village 


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