Hello everyone! I believe it is kinda confusing for some of you if you've been visiting for the past 2 weeks. My blog template was messed up because I'm such an amateur in the whole coding thing. SIGH. But nonetheless, I'm still working on it together with a couple of talented people ;)

For now, we'll have to endure this little space just for a little until the upgraded version is ready to be revealed. So here's some other way you can be updated on my work:

1. Wandergirls Journey Blog

Yes it is up and heated with several blog drafts awaiting to be published. I am so excited that three of the procrastinators decided to kick their asses after a year of lazing around. Follow us on Facebook HERE to get yourselves updated. Or, find us on Instagram with the hashtag #wandergirlsjourney

2. YouTube

I've already filmed a couple of footages for the upcoming projects. So many LookBooks and Vlogs will be up soon! Subscribe to my channel so you could catch the latest video.

3. My Social Media

While my blog is under renovation, I'll keep my social media updates busy. More stuff to be shared on these platforms:

Instagram: @minniechangg
SnapChat: @minniechang
Facebook: Minnie Chang

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