Hello everyone! I believe it is kinda confusing for some of you if you've been visiting for the past 2 weeks. My blog template was messed up because I'm such an amateur in the whole coding thing. SIGH. But nonetheless, I'm still working on it together with a couple of talented people ;)

For now, we'll have to endure this little space just for a little until the upgraded version is ready to be revealed. So here's some other way you can be updated on my work:

1. Wandergirls Journey Blog

Yes it is up and heated with several blog drafts awaiting to be published. I am so excited that three of the procrastinators decided to kick their asses after a year of lazing around. Follow us on Facebook HERE to get yourselves updated. Or, find us on Instagram with the hashtag #wandergirlsjourney

2. YouTube

I've already filmed a couple of footages for the upcoming projects. So many LookBooks and Vlogs will be up soon! Subscribe to my channel so you could catch the latest video.

3. My Social Media

While my blog is under renovation, I'll keep my social media updates busy. More stuff to be shared on these platforms:

Instagram: @minniechangg
SnapChat: @minniechang
Facebook: Minnie Chang

Hair Update


Here's a short update of my HAIR. I've been cutting my hair shorter and shorter (it's addictive, for real), given that the weather is intense lately, and also I gave full confidence to the hairstylist. Full details can be seen below! :) 

 Here are some unedited pictures to better explain my haircut and hair color. 

Front View

Side View

Side View 
The cut is definitely shorter that I've expected but I think I like it too. It makes me look, like a student (LOL). But it'll definitely grow in time, so I'm not too worried about it. Get to try out different looks so I'm happy!

They suggested me to go for a lighter color below. It suits me a lot because I didn't want a color that's too in-your-face yet I want it to be special. Thank you! 
I'm not sure what color it is but feel free to show them this picture if you want the color. 

Did my hair at Boston Hairven & Makeup.
Hair Cut by Wendy and colored by Wendy & Vicky. 
Phone number: 03-8075 0332
Address: No.27A, Jalan Helang 13, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Open Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm

Lookbook | Monochrome


My latest video is up on my channel at minniechang. 

More details will be up very soon! 

Sporty Brunch Outfit


Take a peek at my Saturday Brunch Outfit. 
and a vlog that I've uploaded.

Outfit details: 
Baseball Jacket | Bangkok
Crop Top | H&M
Mesh Skirt | Zalora (Something Borrowed)
Sneakers | Puma 
Tote Bag | Bangkok
Shades | Brands Outlet

Travel Series | Apps I've Used in Bali


p/s: I think my fingers look weird here. It looks like I have 3 alien fingers. I COME IN PEACE.

Hello. I'm back on track. Here's what I've got that might just excite you: Travel Series and Vlogs. 
Ive launched my first travel series episode on my Youtube channel! 
This is one talking about a few apps I've tried out when I'm in Bali. 
Take it as a review or guide on what apps to download when you're travelling/in Bali. 
Of course, most importantly, enjoy! 
There's more to come :D 

Leave me a comment/feedback if you have any!


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