It's the time, where after all the gungho positivity and consistent boomboompow spirit, I come to a realisation that I am slightly lost and demotivated. 
I am now in a messy office room, cluttered with piles books on my left and graduation teddies on my right. *sigh* I've been so blindly chasing after things that I forgot to sit down and breath. 
Exhausted, very very. 

I took my weekends off. Oh no, I didn't take the weekends off. It just happened that the events got cancelled, and my last minute decision, or rather, my demotivated spirit called off the appointment.

Lately, I enjoy driving long distance, from Puchong to Kepong, from Kepong to Puchong. It's therapeutic, it gives me time to think. I like it. 

I got demotivated, because I started comparing myself to others, again. 
I got demotivated, because I felt like no one is there for me, again. 
I got demotivated, because I think I am falling back into my comfort zone, again. 
I got demotivated, because I start to think if I've made the right choices, again. 

I can't wait for my getaway. It's happening in another 7 days. I really can't wait. That's the thing that's driving me to stay on my feet and keep going. 

Another week. 
I can do this. 

I guess this is life. Nobody can always be positive. Nobody can always be on high spirits. 
I'll just have to clench my fist and bite my lips, to overcome this little downhill moment. 

We can all do this, right? 
If you're feeling slightly demotivated, I hope you know, you're not the only one. 

We can all do this, bersama-sama ;)

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