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I cannot express how much I look forward to what 2016 has for me, or more accurately, what I can do this year. But before I start moving too fast forward, all the photos and overdue blogpost need to be settled. Taking a step back earlier in January, here's my little weekend getaway with a bunch of noisy high school buddies. Not so quiet and laid back after all.

This place is called the Cabinz Ecottage, in Seremban. Located away from the busy cities, they have breathtaking views of the greenest forest and the bluest sky.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures because I did more of a video footage for this one. So here it is. You can watch this first and move on reading.

We went for 2 rooms as there were 10 of us, Jade 1 and Jade 2. The room is cozy and spacious. They have 3 beds in each rooms, one huge queen size and two single bed, so 2 of our fellow friends had to sleep on the "sofa bed". But of course, if you don't mind a little cramp, the queen size bed manage to fit 3 of you.

The room is well equipped with kitchen and bathrooms, which was really clean. They also have a barbecue place and electrical stove with surcharge. We didn't go for the barbecue because we thought it was too much of a hassle (we're just lazy to wait and clean tbh). So we brought ingredient to cook a simple meal, even better, we cooked our meal beforehand and just heat it upon arrival.

My favourite moment of my stay is the morning. Waking up with the marvellous view, listening to birds chirping and inhaling the fresh air. On top of that, it was really nice to have great company, sipping a cuppa tea with the view. The pool was particularly amazing, overlooking the view of the forest.

(pic credit; huitong)

Although of course, we felt sorry to have interrupted our neighbours when 10 of us gathered around. It wasn't such a wise choice if you're going with a huge bunch of friends or you're planning to get a little active over the weekend. It would've been a perfect getaway for those who're looking for a chilled and laid-back kinda weekend.

Overall, we had a great time as the host was really friendly and helpful.  They serve scrumptious breakfast and their pet Sassy added a little joy to our morning.


+6016-2795059 (Ms Evelyn Lim)

Cabinz Ecottage
86, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan


  1. Hey there! This place looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing and I will plan for a short getaway during summer this year :D

  2. You're welcome Valarie! :D Yes go get your getaway. It's a great place to chill :D



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