Recognition from Parents


A short little heart-to-heart again.

Yesterday, we had a steamboat buffet dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. The owner of the restaurant came by and checked to see if everything is fine. He also asked if we would share about the dining experience.

My dad suddenly blurted:"My daughter's a blogger."

That moment, I heart lurched a little.

My parents are used to introducing me as a Psychology grad or an educator. These are common. These are widely accepted occupations.

However, to accept and recognize your child doing something, less favorable from the societal standard, is not very common. Like being a blogger or a dancer.

I've learned that as long as I work hard and show them results on my passion, they'll support me. I am always more than grateful to have such supportive parents in my life. But I understand that it is different with different family, so, if you are having a difficult time chasing your dream without the support from your parents, work hard. Chase after what you want. It's your life. 

I know I can't say it from a parent point of view. But at least, like all children out there, having recognition from parents is not just a bonus, it's a boost to our confidence and belief in what we're capable to achieve.

Thank you daddy and mommy for the endless love and support. 



Updates of my 2016 so far. Not that you really need to know, but I really need to list them out. 

1. I got my own logo. YAS. FINALLY. It's been quite a while to decide whether it is necessary. From finding the right person doing it to finalising it. Thanks Eleanor! She's an amazing artist so go check out her work via Instagram or even better, support her by purchasing her amazing calligraphy art here.

Now that it's done, all I need is more dedication and effort in making everything work. 

2. Lunar New Year was a blast. Although it didn't feel much like the typical ones when I was younger, it was fun nevertheless reuniting with people that matters 

3. Work is hectic. Like very. The uncertainties drive me crazy. 

4. Urban Groove. A lot to update ya'll. 

Firstly, I'm teaching Reggae/Girlstyle every Tuesday 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Come join the hype! (INFO HERE) 

Second, Urban Groove is now in Teluk Intan, Perak too! Yas. Go enquire for more information. Girlstyle/Kpop is also available upon request. 
(But fret not, the KL one is still ongoing!)

Lastly, there is now a TEACHER PROGRAMME for those who are interested in becoming a Street Dance Teacher. *cool as hell* now you can be CERTIFIED to be a professional street dance teacher. LEGGIT ONE YOU KNOW. Go to URBAN ARTIZ to find out more about this :)

5. I'm slowly incorporating more YouTube videos. Bear with me, I'm still new to this. But it makes me happy and excited producing more content. The adrenaline rush. Yup I have that in me when I'm putting up a new video or blog post. Like now. 

6. I actually took 2 days to type all these. 

So, that's basically what I need to update on my blog. Let's get this rolling. 

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