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Hello everyone! How's January so far? :) 
I felt like it's been way too long since I've blog about the music. & also I've abandoned my Wednesday Jams series. I hope I can still get back in track with that. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned about this band in this blog, but if I did, it is worth a second mention here. 

(credits: pinterest)

WALK OFF THE EARTH. Amazing talent. In terms of music, creativity and production. They sound so harmonized and energetic as a team. Each and everyone of them have their own unique style. They never over shadow each other as well. Of course I have my own bias, Ryan Marshall.

They went viral with their 5-man-one-guitar video covering Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. 

They are very well-known for using unconventional "instruments". Listen to one of their latest covers on Adele's Hello. 

or another (funnier) version of it here. 

The people they collab with are also very amazingly talented! ugh, so much talent!

(after 10 minutes scrolling through Ryan Marshall's Facebook and Pinteresting/Googling his picture)
(while listening to their playlist, trying to pick my favorite song)

I can't decide. All of their covers and originals are so freaking on point and addictive. So I'll just share one that's playing right now. 

Rule The World.

Getting y'all hyped up for the new challenges next week!

Just go spend your night listening to them, HERE.
I want to watch them live one day. 

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