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Hello. 2016. 
I'm starting off my first 2016 blogpost by ticking off one of my 2015 bucket list. Talk about procrastinating tho.

I've always have this in mind but always didn't make it happen. SIGH. But no more excuses as I was hitting towards the end of 2015. If I want it, I'm making it happen. mhmm. So gungho because it is the beginning of the year. Let's not jinx this but keep the energy up up up throughout the year. 

SO TADA! Final product of my first LOOKBOOK. I'm styling some of my favorite outerwear as a kickstart of my lookbook series. 

I hope you enjoy this video! 

Definitely doing a recap for my 2015 but at the meantime, I'll go make some lunch. *stomachgrowling*

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