Hello. While I am uploading my graduation on my FB after so much nagging from my mom, I'll just drop by for  a quick update.

I just had a great conversation with my bae ChaiLeng and now sitting in the coffee shop listening to my current favorite song, looking through pinterest for some inspiration and organizing my photos on my hard disc.

While I scroll through the photos, I realize how much I've achieved this year. Earlier this year, I never thought all this could be possible, because of a terrible heartbreak.

I worked very hard, to drown myself in piles after piles of work.

I worked even on weekends, to achieve my dreams.

Some days, I don't even know if all these is worth it.

This morning as I was attending a blogger event, the manager came by and says she likes my videos. I swear to you I almost jump up and turn around in circles. but of course I didn't. heh.

LATEST UPDATE: a guy from sitting behind me came and says he notice me blogging so he left his contact for future opportunities to work together! (HI! *waves* if you happen to read this!)

Ok I got distracted. ahem. What I'm trying to say is, I'm too grateful for this year. For all that I've achieved, even when I thought I couldn't. Even when I thought I couldn't breath without the significant other.

But see where I am now.

Thank you.

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