Honey Crème, Sri Hartamas


Oh Hello. 

Although I am here editing my video and blog, I'm playing PTX's Christmas Album to hype up the atmosphere a little. 

I was invited for an ice-cream review again! Thank you EverQuest and Honey Crème
Watch our story of the day here:

Now, for a more detailed intro to this new ice-cream place. 
It is located in Sri Hartamas. You can just Waze the name and look for the one in Sri Hartamas.

The size of the place is not too small or big. It's a just-nice spacious space. Although it was packed with people the day we went because they were having their promotion. 

We really love the ice-cream from Honey Creme. It's soft texture and sweetness is just nice for those ice cream lovers *raisehands*.
This is probably because their soft serve ice-cream is made out of organic and fine ingredients. MHMM. Very the good. 

& just look at them, so photogenic and yummy. 

Here are a few flavors I've tried that day:

Organic Cotton Candy.
With no coloring and non-artificial coloring. 
Yas. Bring me back to my childhood without feeling guilty thankyouverymuch.

Having both of my favorite snack on a cup, hell yeah!

Honey Comb. 
I love the sweet but natural tasting honey. Yums yums. 
For those who are on a diet, this one is a must on your cheat day, without putting on too much guilt.

They definitely have a wide range of ice-cream to choose from. Would love to try Affogato one day because I heard good things about it. 

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and ADIOS!


  1. I love the cotton candy affogato flavour! Really yummy




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