MilkCow Mini Review


I just had 2 ice-cream and I thought it really is time to update you about this. 

I was invited to try out MilkCow's new MINI series where their ice-creams come in cute mini sizes now! They took into consideration for those who wants to try out different flavors without overeating so here it is! 

and well, of course I took this opportunity to fix my sweet tooth cravings.

mhmm. I had a great time trying out the yummy flavors. And guess what, we still had extra room for more! Personally I really liked the popcorn one. 

This soda is a boom.

Some macaroons for takeout. They are not too sweet! Just nice :)

Watch me and Dione nomming here:

& my OOTD

I think those sugar got me high.

TOP | VS outlet 

& Thank you Dione for coming with me (& helping me out with the OOTD shots)

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