Malacca (too much food) Trip


It's the end of the year already! WHUT!

I'm no more a student so, nay for no long school holidays for me now. pfft. But it doesn't mean you cannot have a getaway! If you are thinking where to go for a short getaway, here is my long awaited travel vlog to Malacca 2 months earlier, I guess, I don't remember. 

This is a rather last-minute trip, so we decided to just feed ourselves as much as could for the 2 days. Believe it or not, we had 3 dinners on the first evening once we arrived. *ahem* And we continued eating on Day 2.

I'm not going to talk more about it. Just watch it here:

Here's a few of the places we would recommend 

1. The Back Alley Seafood on Off Jalan Bunga Raya.

These prawns are the boom. Covered with sesame oil and soy sauce. YAS. YAAAS,

This rojak is the boom too! It was a last minute order but, mhmm, we made the right decision.

2. 486 Baba Low

The Pai Tee is the best. We ordered a second plate too. TOO GOOD. mhmm. Cheap and yummy. 

3. Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake 
Go for some authentic nyonya kuih. You can get them so much more cheaper here than KL. 

& also, lots of sight seeing and strolling along Jonker Street. I enjoyed looking at the unique little shops and architecture of the buildings. It's really nice to just appreciate the little details. 

Backlane Cafe has great ambiance and deco but I wouldn't recommend for the coffee. 

& I brought this little guy called BAEBO back home on that day. 

The funny side of this trip is that KekJin and I got food poisoning that night from the kuih as we left it in the car under the hot sun. T____T
It's a karma for overeating. 

But the good thing is we got some good detox. 

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