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I just came back from an amazing party meeting my high school friends and junior. It was so much fun! Though I love being in the crowd, I like my "me" time too. 

Some people may think spending time alone is so kesian (pity). Some may think they cannot function well when they need to go out alone. 

I understand that. 

But I also want to put a different perspective on spending time alone. 

This is today's story.

At midnight 1am, I thought I should really catch the movie I've been longing to watch. So I checked the showtime and went to sleep.

I put on my favorite oversized denim and decided to apply bronze eyeshadow. 
Didn't bother the hair so I threw on my cap.

Bought my ticket and surprisingly it is cheaper. RM8 before 12pm I guess.
 oh, the cashier did not give me a weird look when I say I only need one ticket.

I didn't have time for breakfast and the movie is starting. So I queued up for some popcorn breakfast.

& the best part, you get to finish this ALONE. Mhmm. But still, I finished it before half of the movie and hugged the container as a bolster while I sob. 

& I sobbed alone in the theater. 

Then I sat there for quite some time, put on my cap and left with puffy eyes. 

But I felt really good. 

I walked around looking for the Froyo stall I loved, but it wasn't there anymore. 

I circled the area for 3 rounds, realizing everything had changed. 

But it's okay. I still want my ice-cream though. 

So I went to the supermarket and picked up some groceries. Bought a RM4 Korean ice-cream, sat on the bench and started watching people pacing up and down.

I looked up at the sky. 

At that moment, I am grateful for such a great day, great weather and great time. 

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