Malacca (too much food) Trip


It's the end of the year already! WHUT!

I'm no more a student so, nay for no long school holidays for me now. pfft. But it doesn't mean you cannot have a getaway! If you are thinking where to go for a short getaway, here is my long awaited travel vlog to Malacca 2 months earlier, I guess, I don't remember. 

This is a rather last-minute trip, so we decided to just feed ourselves as much as could for the 2 days. Believe it or not, we had 3 dinners on the first evening once we arrived. *ahem* And we continued eating on Day 2.

I'm not going to talk more about it. Just watch it here:

Here's a few of the places we would recommend 

1. The Back Alley Seafood on Off Jalan Bunga Raya.

These prawns are the boom. Covered with sesame oil and soy sauce. YAS. YAAAS,

This rojak is the boom too! It was a last minute order but, mhmm, we made the right decision.

2. 486 Baba Low

The Pai Tee is the best. We ordered a second plate too. TOO GOOD. mhmm. Cheap and yummy. 

3. Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake 
Go for some authentic nyonya kuih. You can get them so much more cheaper here than KL. 

& also, lots of sight seeing and strolling along Jonker Street. I enjoyed looking at the unique little shops and architecture of the buildings. It's really nice to just appreciate the little details. 

Backlane Cafe has great ambiance and deco but I wouldn't recommend for the coffee. 

& I brought this little guy called BAEBO back home on that day. 

The funny side of this trip is that KekJin and I got food poisoning that night from the kuih as we left it in the car under the hot sun. T____T
It's a karma for overeating. 

But the good thing is we got some good detox. 

In the midst of...


Another day has passed! Wohoo. 

I'm not sure if I am excited or not. My sleeping schedule has been off. My 7am workout routine stopped. I'm back to square where I do my workouts at night, sleep in the afternoon and am constantly rushing in the mornings. 


A lot of projects and to-dos are stacking up right now. I have my bullet journal on my left and my devices on my right. 

It's another mad month. 

Every month I tell myself that the next month will more easy-going, but it 
 ended up with more and more appointments. 

Not complaining. Really. 

I'm in a midst of a few exciting projects and plans. 
So stay tuned ;)

and while we get excited, here's my latest jam: 

A Day With Me - Me Time



I just came back from an amazing party meeting my high school friends and junior. It was so much fun! Though I love being in the crowd, I like my "me" time too. 

Some people may think spending time alone is so kesian (pity). Some may think they cannot function well when they need to go out alone. 

I understand that. 

But I also want to put a different perspective on spending time alone. 

This is today's story.

At midnight 1am, I thought I should really catch the movie I've been longing to watch. So I checked the showtime and went to sleep.

I put on my favorite oversized denim and decided to apply bronze eyeshadow. 
Didn't bother the hair so I threw on my cap.

Bought my ticket and surprisingly it is cheaper. RM8 before 12pm I guess.
 oh, the cashier did not give me a weird look when I say I only need one ticket.

I didn't have time for breakfast and the movie is starting. So I queued up for some popcorn breakfast.

& the best part, you get to finish this ALONE. Mhmm. But still, I finished it before half of the movie and hugged the container as a bolster while I sob. 

& I sobbed alone in the theater. 

Then I sat there for quite some time, put on my cap and left with puffy eyes. 

But I felt really good. 

I walked around looking for the Froyo stall I loved, but it wasn't there anymore. 

I circled the area for 3 rounds, realizing everything had changed. 

But it's okay. I still want my ice-cream though. 

So I went to the supermarket and picked up some groceries. Bought a RM4 Korean ice-cream, sat on the bench and started watching people pacing up and down.

I looked up at the sky. 

At that moment, I am grateful for such a great day, great weather and great time. 

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Why am I doing this?


I just finish my full time job and finished my 2nd cup of coffee for the day. Before hopping off for my nap, I think I should really type it out, or rather, rant it out. 

This has been bugging me for a few months now.

I've started blogging long time ago. As always, I always stop in between. 

Not entirely because I'm busy with a full time job and some part time jobs. But also, I always lost the motivation to keep doing it. 
I always question myself. Why am I doing this? 

Why do I want to blog? Why do I want to create contents? Why do I make videos? 
I don't earn from it. But why?

I always get demotivated when I'm not as "famous" or "well-known" as other bloggers/Youtubers. 
I always get demotivated when they get to work with brands and sponsorship. 
I always get demotivated when they produce better content than me. 

But then, is this what I want? 

I ask myself every single time when I see things like that. 

And it hit me the other day. 
While I was editing videos or writing a post, I don't remember feeling demotivated. Opposite, I did it just because I want to. A 2 hours editing feels like 10 minutes. I'm not even kidding. 

So I guess, I know what I want. It's just a matter of being disciplined in pursuing what I want. 

Off I go to plan the schedule! 

MilkCow Mini Review


I just had 2 ice-cream and I thought it really is time to update you about this. 

I was invited to try out MilkCow's new MINI series where their ice-creams come in cute mini sizes now! They took into consideration for those who wants to try out different flavors without overeating so here it is! 

and well, of course I took this opportunity to fix my sweet tooth cravings.

mhmm. I had a great time trying out the yummy flavors. And guess what, we still had extra room for more! Personally I really liked the popcorn one. 

This soda is a boom.

Some macaroons for takeout. They are not too sweet! Just nice :)

Watch me and Dione nomming here:

& my OOTD

I think those sugar got me high.

TOP | VS outlet 

& Thank you Dione for coming with me (& helping me out with the OOTD shots)

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