How's life?


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for coming by and reading this. It really really means a lot to me. I feel like I haven't been doing a more personal post about my updates as I've been working on a lot on events and my YouTube channel. So, I really miss writing (or typing, if you want to take it literally). 

Life has been an amazing bitch lately. It gave me time where I'm frustrated with my blurness and stupidity. It gave me bits of horrible heart attack where I almost lost my life. It gave me a few moment to reminisce how life has been in the past years. 

But most of it, it gave me opportunities to grow and learn. 

As some of you may or may not know, I started my full time job. And, surprisingly, I've been loving it so far. I feel that I've been contributing a lot of my knowledge, skills and expertise (waw) in this job while I continue to learn about so many things everyday. 

Besides a full time job, I've been working on a few side jobs as well. A lot of opportunities came by. I'm more than happy to face all the challenges that I'm encountering at the moment. 

Life's been busy, as always, but this is a good kind of busy. 

I learned how to manage my time better now. Well, even though I still procrastinate a lot. 
I learned how to treasure "me" time, family time and also catching-up-with-friends time. 
I learned how to be (partially) financially independent. It's a hard job. 
Referring to the previous point, I learned how to discipline myself even more. 

Throughout the process, 
I learned a lot about myself where I stepped out of my comfort zone. 
I still don't exactly know what I want. 
But I know what I can do to find out about that. 

How's life guys?
I hope we are all happy and contented despite the situation we are in. 
I hope we all continue to grow and learn, every single day. 

One step at a time. 
We can do this. 

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