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Hi everyone! Welcome back to this cozy little space. I've been so grateful for all the opportunities given lately! and here is one of them. 

Thank you Wai Yan, founder of Evermore Flower for your lovely invitation to your amazing little pop up store launching event. I'm honored to be invited to witness your successful milestone! Congratulations!

If you have not heard of Evermore Flowers, they sell flowers, but not the ordinary ones. They sell handmade paper flowers that look like the real ones! I'm in awe seeing her creation and hardwork that she put into it. They finally have their first pop up store/showroom at a cozy cafe called PIVOINE PEONY BOUTIQUE AND CAFE. (link)

I shall not babble so much. Watch the video and you'll know what I'm hyping about. Stick till the end because I'll show you what I wore that day! 

Here's some picture from the launching event!
An impromptu roses-making workshop

Wai Yan explaining how she make her roses

Happy KekJin with her handmade rose

Thanks for coming with me!

and here's what I wore!

That's it for this post! I had a great time knowing more about paper flowers and Evermore Flower. If you wish to know more about them, check out their Facebook and Instagram at EVERMORE FLOWER. 
They also have a Carousell listing if you wish to purchase some of their creation, click here!


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