Bausch and Lomb Care For Your Eyes Press Conference


Hi everyone! While you wait for my new videos to be uploaded (fingers crossed in another 3 days), I'll update y'all about this meaningful event that happened recently. 

First and foremost, congratulation Bausch and Lomb for this successful and meaningful event. If you have read about my previous post with them, they are raising awareness in eye care which is so often neglected. Alongside, they are also raising fund for the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) (click here). 

ok, if you forgot how was the video, here's a throwback for you. 
(you can skip to 1:47 to watch the eyecare exercise)

or you can read previous blog here

For each video posted up, they pledge to donate RM5 to MAB. 
They successfully raised RM8,800 with the Care for Your Eyes campaign! So here's some of their picturre on the press conference day. (photo credits: EverQuest)

I'm very happy that this event went on smoothly & I'm able to play a tiny little role in it. :) 

Now, leave you screen for 2 minutes and do the eye exercise!
See you in my next one!

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