Girls Gone Rouge Beauty Pop Up Bar


Hi y'all! As promised, I'm here with a new video. If you've followed me on Instagram and Snapchat (@minniechang), you'll know what I'll blog about today. 

A bunch of my friends set up a beauty pop up bar called GIRLS GONE ROUGE at Jaya One mall earlier this month. Basically, they provide services to teach you how to apply makeup and skincare. Do check them out on their Instagram account @girlsgone.rouge. They also collaborated with an amazing online boutique called Bash Clothing, so check them out at @bashclothing_ on Instagram.

The team from Girls Gone Rouge 

with my homegirl Grace

with the babe Faith and her Burger

together with WinShian the gorgeous

(and notice OLAF keep photobombing us)

Here's Girls Gone Rouge x Bash Clothing team

& the ending selfie :D

Watch my Get Ready with Me video on YOUTUBE below to see how I prep myself for the event. oh and also, to watch how we got crazy on our way back home.

& I just cannot end without my OOTD shots (thanks Shian!)

Outfit details 
Jacket: Vintage
Skirt: bazaar 
Shoes: Nike 
Bag: Benedetti Polo Collection

That's it for this post! 

I hope you are having a good day ;)
See you, very soon.

Bausch and Lomb Care For Your Eyes Press Conference


Hi everyone! While you wait for my new videos to be uploaded (fingers crossed in another 3 days), I'll update y'all about this meaningful event that happened recently. 

First and foremost, congratulation Bausch and Lomb for this successful and meaningful event. If you have read about my previous post with them, they are raising awareness in eye care which is so often neglected. Alongside, they are also raising fund for the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) (click here). 

ok, if you forgot how was the video, here's a throwback for you. 
(you can skip to 1:47 to watch the eyecare exercise)

or you can read previous blog here

For each video posted up, they pledge to donate RM5 to MAB. 
They successfully raised RM8,800 with the Care for Your Eyes campaign! So here's some of their picturre on the press conference day. (photo credits: EverQuest)

I'm very happy that this event went on smoothly & I'm able to play a tiny little role in it. :) 

Now, leave you screen for 2 minutes and do the eye exercise!
See you in my next one!

How's life?


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for coming by and reading this. It really really means a lot to me. I feel like I haven't been doing a more personal post about my updates as I've been working on a lot on events and my YouTube channel. So, I really miss writing (or typing, if you want to take it literally). 

Life has been an amazing bitch lately. It gave me time where I'm frustrated with my blurness and stupidity. It gave me bits of horrible heart attack where I almost lost my life. It gave me a few moment to reminisce how life has been in the past years. 

But most of it, it gave me opportunities to grow and learn. 

As some of you may or may not know, I started my full time job. And, surprisingly, I've been loving it so far. I feel that I've been contributing a lot of my knowledge, skills and expertise (waw) in this job while I continue to learn about so many things everyday. 

Besides a full time job, I've been working on a few side jobs as well. A lot of opportunities came by. I'm more than happy to face all the challenges that I'm encountering at the moment. 

Life's been busy, as always, but this is a good kind of busy. 

I learned how to manage my time better now. Well, even though I still procrastinate a lot. 
I learned how to treasure "me" time, family time and also catching-up-with-friends time. 
I learned how to be (partially) financially independent. It's a hard job. 
Referring to the previous point, I learned how to discipline myself even more. 

Throughout the process, 
I learned a lot about myself where I stepped out of my comfort zone. 
I still don't exactly know what I want. 
But I know what I can do to find out about that. 

How's life guys?
I hope we are all happy and contented despite the situation we are in. 
I hope we all continue to grow and learn, every single day. 

One step at a time. 
We can do this. 

Evermore Flower Launch


Hi everyone! Welcome back to this cozy little space. I've been so grateful for all the opportunities given lately! and here is one of them. 

Thank you Wai Yan, founder of Evermore Flower for your lovely invitation to your amazing little pop up store launching event. I'm honored to be invited to witness your successful milestone! Congratulations!

If you have not heard of Evermore Flowers, they sell flowers, but not the ordinary ones. They sell handmade paper flowers that look like the real ones! I'm in awe seeing her creation and hardwork that she put into it. They finally have their first pop up store/showroom at a cozy cafe called PIVOINE PEONY BOUTIQUE AND CAFE. (link)

I shall not babble so much. Watch the video and you'll know what I'm hyping about. Stick till the end because I'll show you what I wore that day! 

Here's some picture from the launching event!
An impromptu roses-making workshop

Wai Yan explaining how she make her roses

Happy KekJin with her handmade rose

Thanks for coming with me!

and here's what I wore!

That's it for this post! I had a great time knowing more about paper flowers and Evermore Flower. If you wish to know more about them, check out their Facebook and Instagram at EVERMORE FLOWER. 
They also have a Carousell listing if you wish to purchase some of their creation, click here!


Travel Vlog | Sekinchan #2 and #3


Happy October! Cheers to another busy month gone and coming. How's everyone doing?

I just realize I went for 2 short trips in the past 2 months! Tho both mainly consist me eating loads of good food, but hey, how can you not?

Manage to wrap up my Sekinchan trip travel vlogs yesterday night. & I am going to work on a few more exciting posts and videos. So much work and fun! I hope the place where you are is not too hazy. Please go get a few gulps of water before watching the videos. 




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