Travel Vlog | Sekinchan #1


Well hey hey hey! Here we are half way through September already. My year have been swooshing away so swiftly I don't even realize I've came this far.

But anywayyyyyyyy,

I got my video editing software installed and have been chasing the deadlines I've set up previously on my vlogs and videos. So much excitements! *handsintheair*

Do subscribe to my channel because I'll be uploading very frequently right now. 

and if you have not, here is my previous vlog of a little trip to Sekinchan discovering BALD paddy fields. 

Just watch our reactions. 

I really enjoyed editing it. and I just finish editing the Part 2. It should be up on Wednesday since it is a public holiday so... keep an eye on it! ;D 


  1. Hello sweet chocolate cake!
    I am one of your members now in your circle! hehe

    1. Hello! Yay thank you for joining the circle. I'll be keeping an eye on your posts too!



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