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HOLLA Y'ALL! How's the long weekend going on? Still rocking it? 
I just had a great morning going for a picnic date, and now I'm going to spend the rest of my day either doing chores or snuggling in bed watching YouTube (the second option sounds more appealing :P) 

Today, I'm gonna make you occupied by introducing this amazing thing called the Worthy Book. 

What is it? 
To put it in short, it is a book, filled with VOUCHERS. yes, all good deals will be found here. 
They have more than 400 outlets included in this compact little voucher book! AMAZEBALLS.

and here are some of the outlets. Please take a closer look because they even have delivery vouchers from FoodPanda and Dominos! (oh lazy bum's steals)

 I really love how they have their content list separated in different versions: food categories, area, states, and mall. So easy to browse through! 

Since it is the long weekend, I finally went out and had a good stroll in the mall yesterday. I brought this little booklet along and tried new food.

Buy 2 pretzels and get a free cup of lemonade. 

Buy one get one free milkshake

Extra scoop of ice-cream, can you say no?

The staff from the outlets I visited are really friendly! It wasn't a hassle for me when using the voucher (now, you know how some vouchers work ey?) Really happy I got to try new food with these great deals. Oh and, there's a lot of my favorite restaurant included too! (eg: My Burger Lab, 3 Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf)

Some tips for you: 
1. Sharing is caring. I shared my vouchers with my friends and family. So we all get to enjoy the great deals!
2. Tag your friends along. A lot of the vouchers have amazing deals that are usually "buy one get one free" or "buy 2nd at 50%". Unless you are starving, I'm sure you'll need extra tummy to store those yummies. 
3. Read through the Terms and Conditions. Though I would say there really isn't much limitation and the deals are pretty good to start with already. 

Now, where can you get it? 
The Worthy Book FnB Edition is now available at all major bookstore (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders,and Kinokuniya) and at selected and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor. 

For more information about The Worthy Book, click on the links below!

p/s: Opinion are 100% mine and honest.

In collaboration with Worthy Book. Thank you for the opportunity.



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