Things my students say


I just realize I've been teaching for quite some time already, and each day, I find the things children say/do hilarious. Sometimes, they make me so furious, I could almost boil the water with my body temperature. Sometimes, they put me in an awkward situation, where I don't know if I should laugh or shout at them. Sometimes, they are the ones inspiring me.

Before I forget them, here are the things my students say this week that I find inspiring, or perhaps funny. 

1. "When you are happy, good luck will come to you"
This girl loses her game. But she wasn't a sore loser anymore, she turns up to me and said: "I know why XXX wins, because she is always happy!" I look at her, amazed. "My mommy says, if you are happy, allllll the good luck will come to you." 
Good job mommy! You should be really proud :)

2. "My teacher says there must be a husband and a wife to have baby, but, if husband dies then the baby how?"
I ROFLed on this question. I looked at this kid blankly again. 
"Er... well yes, as long as there is a baby already the baby will not dissapear" 
 "ohhhhh, so if the wife got baby inside the stomach and the husband dies then it is ok, is it?" 
"Er... yes." 

Okay, this is so far what I've got from my memory bank. There are a lot more but I couldn't recall at the moment. I hope this short read brightens up your day a little! 



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