Degree in Psychology #8: Internship


Hello! Well well, this is the last post about me babbling about how I got my degree. Thou, not official yet, I AM DONE WITH BACHELOR OF DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY!


throw confetti lah c'mon.

I'm done with my 3 months internship, working as an intern in the coaching team and research team. PASSED WITH A SATISFYING RESULTS!
I'm also done with my dreadful thesis project. oh gosh, not the best results but, I PASSED ANYWAY!

With these said, I have a graduation convo to look forward to now. yay. But let's not drift away too far. Stick with the course and internship and what not.

For the internship, it was a rather, challenging one. Not that the job scope was unbearable, but I finally had the clue on how it REALLY is like in workplace. Incidents like what every parents/aunties/uncles have told you.

1. Responsibilities
Your job starts at 8am. YOU GOTTA BE THERE BY 8AM. no matter what. whether you have a training to attend the night before or you just spend the night crying like shit. I was once late. It was terrible. I literally cried in my office once I settled down. ugh. 
Now I can never sleep in peace when I have an early appointment because, the fear of oversleeping is real.

2. Be Humble 
Yes, as much as the CGPA shows how good we are, we are still NEW. We are still the "infants" in the working settings. Even if I have a prior experience working part time, there's still so much more to learn! I'm so grateful that I had a talk with my supervisor after the internship where I asked about my strengths and weaknesses. Now I know what I could do to improve.

3. Don't be "calculative" 
Behold, the world of internship is real. I literally did A LOT. For example: going to the shopping mall to buy boxes/containers. YEP. But hey, somebody's gonna do that. The Chinese sayings of 做人不要太计较 (don't be so calculative ) applies really well here. 
I'm not saying you should do everything without boundaries. If it is something that is within your ability to do so, do it. I never thought I could learn from these tiny little things like buying boxes. (Now I know Tesco has the best deals. HAHA!)
although I did complain a lot to my friends, but now that I'm calm enough, it is all good.

This is so far what I've got from my experiences. I've gained a lot from my internship and I'm sure I've grown from the experience too.

How's your internship experience?

Or maybe JinnyboyTV can give you a more realistic and funny view of Malaysia's internship life.

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