Calling me home by Julie Kibler


Oh hi! I've been reading A LOT since April, during my trip. I guess that's the time where I have time to sink in and read. I am already starting my 4th book since mid April. So there'll be a couple of book reviews coming up.

Calling me home - Julie Kibler

I exchange this read with my friend KekJin since I've finished reading mine during the trip. I didn't expect much from the book. I guess with the less expectation, I find lots of surprises when I'm reading.

It is a love story of 2 different races during the old times. So this is a love story about hardships, when I love you and you love me is not enough to be together. I am really touched by the story. The twist of the story also made me feel bittersweet. It was a page-turning one for me, though my friend said it wasn't for her. Nevertheless, we both love the whole story where it includes not only the fiction,but also the culture knowledge of that era.

Read the official summary here.

"In a time of hate, would you stand up for love"

It is a read with lots of thoughts to ponder on.

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