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Hello people! If you've seen my Instagram feed on the right, you will see that I've been away backpacking with my friends (find us with the hashtag #wandergirlsjourney!)

Before I organize all the photos and videos (yes, vlogs!), I did a food review with BMS Organics on their organic food restaurant, called Be Lohas at One Utama before leaving for the trip.

Thank you Shiang and KekJin for coming with me! Reviews here will not be solely mine but the three of our's.

First, I really love the decor of the place. Look at those huge sunflowers behind! It is not a big sized restaurant, but it is spacious enough to walk around easily. The great thing is that they have they products sold at the other end so you could go shop some organic products (snacks, cooking ingredient and even water bottles).

They have a hugeeeee variety on their menu. From Asian to Western style. Including Japanese style and some kids meal too!

Our favorite has gotta be the FRUIT TEA (NO. 2)! ba bam! it is really fruity and light. It is a good combination of the fruit and tea, they didn't overtake each other's aroma. TRY IT.

Our next favorite would be the Lei Cha (NO 1). My mom is a Ho Po, (which is pretty similar to Hakka), so I grew up eating Lei Cha a lot. But this is different. The soup is more on the minty side (unlike my mom's, which is more nutty, which again, I mad love too), and the vege are all raw. So it gives a very refreshing feel to it! Given we just had a heavy breakfast, it is a very light meal. :)

The Chinese Herbal Soup (NO. 5) might just be our next favorite, It tasted more like Bak Kut Teh as my friend Shiang had described. However, it is a very light weight one. So great for those who enjoys Bak Kut Teh in a healthier version!

As for the Nouthern Noodle (NO. 3). I felt it was okay, refreshing as well, with the lime and fresh veges. But it might have been tastier if it has more "taste" to it, eg: more sour or savoury.

Our dessert came in later, Black Sesame Paste. What we really loved about it was, the paste tasted almost tasteless on its own, only light aroma of black sesame. However, it comes with extra brown sugar, so you can adjust the sweetness according to your liking! How great is that.

PRICE wise, we would say it is above average. Well I guess the Organic Market in Malaysia is still around that price. Organic food are pretty expensive. Oh talking about that, the shopping area where we dine in were having pretty good sales on their products (well mainly snacks, and that's what I got). Better go check em out!

Here is a brief video on our visit where you can see the overall atmosphere and food we had.

Once again, Thank you for having us BMS Organics! We had a great time! :)

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