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I have been deadly exhausted, mentally and physically from all the happening events. And I still couldn't believe my trip is happening next Tuesday! Omg so much excitement I cannot contain. I just thought I should really come up here to do my music post, so here you go!

This is my absolute obsession of all time, and I really mean ALL TIME. Acoustic or remix version, they are all the bom!

I hope you are having a lovely day so far! :D

Banana Pancakes


There's a lot going on this week. I'm currently pretty occupied from the piling tasks and events. But I guess I'm also happy that I could have some time to chillax a little before diving in to work.

My breakfast routine is finally back since work starts later during the day. So I've been trying out different recipes!

I can't cook. My relatives from my mom's side are all great cook. Their cooking are the BOM! I'm so happy my aunty stays just next to me and my uncle is back in Malaysia! (yays for yummy food, and fats, but it's okay). Whenever I need to cook, I'll literally google "EASY, SIMPLE RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS"

But breakfast is an exception, because you MAKE breakfast, not cook. hah!
I usually find healthy options for breakfast, healthy, but hearty. Here's the zillionth attempt of my BANANA PANCAKE! I can finally make them yummy AND presentable.

I follow the Blogilates on YouTube for some time and find her recipe very easy to follow. Her workout videos are also very uplifting and easy to follow, yet challenging at the same time. She has the bubbly personality which I adore very much! :* (Thumbs up if you are a Popster too :D). If you follow her too, you would know her signature recipe are these banana pancakes.

If you would like to try out the recipe, watch it here! 

Watch more of her other recipes here if you are interested:)

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