Wednesday Jam: Mine by Phoebe Ryan


I know it is Thursday now. I wrote this post yesterday but was out all day so I couldn't post it up. Just came home with a terrible jam along with the nerve cracking atmosphere of my gas tank signal beeping non-stop. But I'm utterly thankful for reaching home safely with the bonus of a bowl of warm scrumptious homemade pan mee.

How's your day?


I'm super into Indie Pop lately. My go-to spotify playlist has been the Indie Pop. For real, all day err day.

(photo credits GOOGLE)

This one song that caught me when I first heard it from the playlist, is Mine by Phoebe Ryan. It's just comfortable to listen to, and pretty catchy too. I think she's quite new (I'm not sure, do correct me), so there are very little of her music online. But this is good!

"I'll pull it together and fix myself eventually, I know it's mine"

It's an uplifting one. 

2 more days till the weekend! 

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