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Since I'm graduating soon (nuuuuu), I thought I could work more on this little space of mine. So I'm making a few changes here and there :D Trying to think of a better blog name, suggestion ya'll?


Every Wednesday night I'll talk about my current jam, my favorite music that I've been abusing the replay button.

Imma introduce you to Josef Salvat today. I discovered his music from Spotify. His music are mostly electropop, but I felt like it was a little different, it has so much feels to it! The song that I've been listening to non-stop is Hustler, the song that brought me to him. It has this very misty feel to it, which I find very comforting to listen to.

"The mind says no sir
But the body says please
The heart stays silent
Such a silent tease
And I dont know why Im telling you this
Maybe Ive gotta get it off my unholy chest
theres a road once travelled
But one I havent walked down yet"

Read more about him and the song from his interview with Song Writing Magazine

He writes really well. It's a little bit dark, but, the melody makes it slightly optimistic. 

My other favourite from him are these: 

Listen to "This Life".

"I'm an optimist of the most dangerous size
There is more to this life 
I must believe that there is more to this life. "

Another one, "Shoot and Run"

"Oh, she doesn't know much,
But she knows this
Life's too short not to take risks"

Make more music Josef, it's addictive. 

(pictures credit to GOOGLE)

We are half way through the week, hang on there. 

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