The Internship Outfits


Hello people! How was your Saturday going? Today was a pretty chillax yet productive day. Ticking off 2 off my to-do on the list :D

One of it is to upload a video of my Internship Outfits! Since I just ended my internship yesterday, I thought I could put together a video showing the outfits that I wore very frequently during the past 3 months. Some are more formal, those are for my interviews and meetings. Some are very laid back, which is how I dress most of the time. Comfort first!


If you've notice, I often put in a pop of color in my outfit because having the "formal" dress code doesn't mean the need to sacrifice that color. So yep, that's just me, I like my pop of color.

I hope y'all like it ;D

Thank you,

and it's Sunday tomorrow wootz wootz.

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