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Hello hello! I am back with a rather wordy post because... I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! 

Thank you Rundi sisters for nominating me! I miss you both :D 
Basically, you are suppose to: 
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back to their site.
  2. Put the award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate seven bloggers who you feel deserve the award.
Faith and Grace (the sisters) nominated me so it means, 20 questions to answer! I can't wait to answer them so let's hop right into the questions.

From Faith 
1.  At home watching movies in PJ’s or drinks and night out with friends?
I would love to have a combination of both, having friends over or going to a friend's crib for a movie WITH the PJs on. I prefer movie with PJ but I tend to be the latter one all the time.
2.  Name your top 3 favourite things to do.
Dancing, sipping tea and movies. 
3.  How many circle of friends do you have? Categorize and list them down.
Hmm.. lemme see. The honeys, 5sAI classmates, the idk-how-to-categorize friends I met in hostel during high school, the 4 weird women, university batch mates, and the UG fam bam (dance mates).  
4.  Would you rather pay a meal for a beggar, or just give the money? Why?
I can't decide on this. But probably giving money because perhaps they need something other than food (eg: clothes) at that moment. Then again, there's so many "fake"  beggars around so I really don't know. 
5.  Crop tops or sweaters?
Can I go with cropped sweaters? Sweaters. Too bad I'm in Msia so sweater will have me all sweaty and sticky. So, cropped sweater will be nice. HAHA. 
6.  Name 5 things to be thankful for this whole week.
- Bought a pretty dress. WOHOO. (p/s: still want the other dress sobs)
- Had a great class with my kids on Sunday where I saw improvements. Huge achievement :) 
- Had a few great outings with the people. 
- Dance :D
- A late reunion dinner with the Changs, and finally meeting the cousins and nephew&niece! 
7.  If you were stranded on an island, what do you picture yourself doing?
Um, panic? Probably talking to lions after that. 
8.  You have 24 hours to choose anyone to be your life partner and they would be yours, who and what kind of a person would it be?
Adam Levine. ehehehe. Just, the Adam Levine kind of person. 
oh hi, *blush*.

9.  Choose 2 types of perfume scent. Floral, sweet, fruity, refreshing, powdery or sensuous.
Fruity and sensuous 
10. McD or KFC

Questions from Grace
1. Name an obsession that you can’t seem to stop or get rid of
Well lately it would be YOUTUBE. It is addictive I can't stop watching Youtube. 

2. If you had a chance to rewrite an ending of a movie, which would it be? And why?
Probably Big Hero 6. I would love to have the elder brother, Tadashi to stay longer. He is so, charming. *melt* 

3. Which cartoon character do you see yourself as or which you think fits you best?
Um Kim Possible perhaps. I have no idea why but I love her outfits and her character. I can relate to her. 

4. If you had to choose between either eating cake or ice cream (not both at the same time) for the rest of your life, which would you pick? Why?
Ice-cream cake. LOL LOL cheat. I guess ice-cream if I continue to stay in Malaysia. 
5. Describe your perfect date. Describe the setting and sequence of it.
Perfect date. Okay first, this guy have to dress up. Pick me up, and holding flowers (I don't mind just ONE flower, but with good packaging la okay). Dinner would be nice, it doesn't have to be the expensive ones. Oh, a cafe with good music would be perfect. Having dessert after that and I would call it a perfect date! :D

6. What is the one thing you would tell your younger self if you had a chance?
Hmm, am I old already? HAHA. Well, I would really tell the teen me to go on an adventure! Study hard, and have fun! oh and also, worry less, that have been bothering throughout those years. 

7. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Positive, slow-to-warm-up, and 
8. Would you rather go on a blind date or on a date that your parents have already set up for you? Why?
I guess the one that my parents set up. As I grow older, I am starting to agree with the saying about the "mom instinct" kinda thing. So if my parents like you, you are half way there. LOL. 
9. Name 3 songs that you have on repeat for the past month.
Hustler by Josef Salvat 
Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran 
Paint a Smile on Me by Black Yaya

10. Which sitcom or comedy shows would you like to act in? If so, which character?
How I met your mother. ROBIN. She's hot and smart and brave. She seems like the normal lady but when she does something crazy, she's hilarious. And I would like to have Ted going after me like that. HEH. 

1. What is your turn on for the ideal partner?
2. What is your turn off for the other half?
3. Describe the perfect kiss in 3 words. 
4. What is your best feature?
5. Name someone you know who is positive. Why he/she?
6. If you could be any flavor of ice-cream, what is it?
7. What fortune would you want to get from a fortune cookie?
8. If you could swim in any liquid, what would it be?
9. Your dream pet and his/her name.  
10. The most hilarious or absurd dream you've ever had. 

I nominate these beautiful people :D 
1. Jessica from Jessy the KL Chic
2. Chai Leng
3. Daphne from daphiexn 
4. QingYan 
5. YunYi 
6. Swea Ching  (I know you were tagged but I wana hear your answers about this heh)
7. KerYi 

P/S: You can choose not to do so ladies! no pressure ;)

Have fun!

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