Degree in Psychology #7


Hi! Another post about the amazing uni life.

Just got my results for my thesis this morning. Such a great way to start off my TGIF mood. Before I start rambling about the "thesis journey", I must first thank all of the amazing people helping me throughout the project. You guys are amuhzing! Props to my supervisor Dr Alvin, my dance instructor Joel, the studios who've gave me the opportunity to run my project, the sporting participants and also, of course my parents <3 br="">

I passed.

yes, using one night, ONE NIGHT, to finish up the discussion and final editing and printing and all those cracking nerve kinda stuff. For the first time, I didn't sleep for 36 hours, not even a nap. I was so stressed up I literally pulled my hair. I was already stressed up 2 weeks before the submission day.

But yes, I passed.

Today is the last day of my internship, I'm so lost. Very lost, I want to just sit in the corner and cry. I guess I need to use the next two months to REALLY just sink in and think about what's up next with my life.

Congratulations to the batchmates. We made it! Let's party hard tonight.


All I want now, is a great sip of cocktail and some good music.



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