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Hello ya'll! :D

I am very proud to say I filmed a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video! It is now up on YouTube. Yeap, tryna blend into the YouTube platform now. But no, I'm not forgetting this lovely space.



I've been the blurrest woman these few days, got a bruise and scratch from the shoe rack, fell face first skipping up the stairs and the table fell on my toe when I try to lift it up.
so much for a meh year.

But tonight, I'm in high spirits dancing along the ohzommmm, awesome I mean, playlist I created in Spotify (Yummysongs). Not sure if it is due to the last minute caffeine boost, or just me being overly tired, or the songs are just on point. Either way, I hope you are having a fantastic week and HUAT all year long! :D
[Spotify username: WenHsin Chang]

oh by the way, the only time I could blog and edit the videos is at hours like this. Life of an intern plus dancer. But no complains, gotta do whatchu gotta do.
Good night!

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