Vlog#3 First Week of Internship


Hello! A lot had happened for the past weeks, and I finally got my ass off in editing the footage. So here goes the third vlog, talking about the hectic week of internship and FOOD. 

Degree in Psychology #6


The last thing I remember about yesterday was, putting on my face mask, and earphones for some Harry Potter, and that's it, I crashed at 9pm. I have yet to sleep since 8am the day before, officially an experience staying awake for 36 hours straight, doing my thesis. It's a never again experience. D:

So yes, here I am, had the best sleep ever! Care free and happy now. All I have in mind is a lot of planning to do with this space and my future. :)

As usual, when this pops out, it means I just got my results. I am kinda proud that I made this consistent! So if you would like to read the previous ones, click here. 

So far, I did all I can during my undergraduate years, juggling alongside with my dance and work.
Year 3 semester 2 was pretty good I guess, I had a lot of fun, the classmates were great! While juggling with some difficult subjects, we had some that was, weird and some was fun. So it was an insane semester dealing with the course works.

This semester, though busy, I got plan a trip with 2 of my friends and yes, I AM FINALLY GOING TO TRAVEL! still in the progress of planning for the trip but it's confirmed! *skipping in circle*

This made me realize, things will be awesome as long as we surround ourselves with the right people. If we are not happy with the situation, look at the people that's surrounding us, are we keeping those who only showers negativity? Are these people helping us to grow?

I'm currently having my final "task" for my undergraduate degree course, the Internship. I will be officially a undergrad in less than 2 months time *gasp*. Internship was somehow, challenging, but still I'm bringing along the mindset that I'm here to learn so I'll do my best for now! Till the next post then :D

Stay tune for more vlogging *wootwoot*

Updates | Vloggin, Internship, Thesis


Hello Hello. I've been MIA a little due to the overwhelming workload I have at the moment.

How's 2015 treating everyone so far? :) I hope it is all good at your end.

Mine has been a little bit, TOO BUSY. Currently juggling between internship, thesis and dance. Not complaining about it because it made me feel active as well. I am very excited to kick start my year because there is so many awaiting plans and goals for me to achieve!

So due to the compacted schedule, I've started Vlogging! Using my trusty Samsung Note 2 to vlog but I'm planning to get a camera that could video record. Recommendations?
Vlogging is way easier to do and more convenient for me to document my journey. So if you are wondering, you can click HERE to watch the 2 episodes that are uploaded already. Rough editing. I'm still trying to improve the editing skills.

p/s: Thank you for all the encouragements and hugs (even the virtual ones) from my last post. :) I love ya'll!

I'll try to keep this space active because it means so much to me. Especially when I know there are indeed people who still come peek at my posts. Thank you.

Take on new challenges and step outta the box, you can achieve more than you ever think you can. At the end of the year, I hope we all look back at our life/achievements in this expression....

Have a great day! ;)

Happy New Year! (Vlog #2)


Happy New Year all of you! :) Time sure does fly fast ey. Here's another vlog to show a little highlight of my weeks. And it got a little personal at the end. I initially wanted to just greet Happy New Year but it ended up like that. If you are having a tough 2014, it's okay. It's just a matter of time. Time heals. We can all strive again.


p/s: Thank you for those who stood by my side when it comes to the hard times.

p/s again: daddy and mummy if you are watching this, I am fine and strong and I LOVE YOU! (yes my parents read all of my blogposts and FB updates)

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