2014 Resolutions (Ticking off the list)


HI! Yes, our news feed are starting to be flooded by loads of #throwbacks, #2014review and #2015resolutions.

But before moving into that, I am going to review my my 2014 resolutions. I'm writing down exactlty what I wrote in my notebook and see whether I've ticked off any of em.

1. Be healthy
- Breakfast
Overall I would say I did 60% of it. So I did quite well I guess. Mainly having breakfast in campus or cooking omelette is definitely my favorite.

- Wake up before 10am. 
I would also say I only started this in the previous 6 months. Not the best results but I have been trying to wake up before 12pm. I guess it is a huge leap for me :) Improving in 2015!

- Jog/swim once a week
Definitely guilty for this. Nope, didn't do this at all T___T

-Sweets (aka desserts) once a month 

2. Love yourself more 
- Getting Tanya Chua album 
I am still the kind who loves collecting album but don't like spending money on it. This didn't happen because.... I don't know why either.

- Spend time alone once a month
This I would proudly say yes, I did this. I spend time alone at the coffee shop, reading/writing journals. :) You guys should try this too! Spend quality time alone, let yourself sink in a little ;)

- Getting a polaroid camera/Ipod as a gift.
YUP, did that! Got myself a Instax Mini Camera because I really love hard copies of my photos. :D

- Facial once every 2 months. 
Not really every 2 months but I went for facial every 3/4 months. So I guess I'm ticking this off as well :)

- Trip 
Yeap, did a small getaway to Penang. so tick!

3. Dance 
- Join classes 3 times per week
Ticking this off and I've been quite consistent. *proud*

- Handstand
um... guilty. IN A PROGRESS. Still need the wall as support thou.

- Bridge
Didn't manage to achieve this after I overdid it. My back hurts but now I'm back on track!

4. Studies 
OK this is funny. I plan to not do last-minute studying but, still.... I know there is no excuses to this. But things got in between the plans eg: ASSIGNMENTS.

The conclusion is, I'm ticking half out of my list! *APPLAUSE*  (ok maybe HALF applause) I used to NOT achieve anything from my list but this was a pretty good progress.

My tips in doing a GOOD new year's resolution is: 

I wrote it on the first page of my diary so I will always go through it every now and then reminding myself what I want to achieve

like very realistic. Take into account your time and financial issues. By time, I mean you need time for your family, friends and YOURSELF (eg: you needa eat and sleep well buddy!) Financial wise remember you have to pay the bills and meals as well. Plan it well :)

this made a hella difference. I break them up in different sub-items. If I say I want to be healthy, what do you even MEAN by being healthy. So I broke it down into waking up early and eating breakfast.

this ties back to the 2nd point. My dream is to be able to get a polaroid camera as a gift. This may sound very, funny to you but it means a lot to me! Walk at your own pace, you know what you want best.

So yeap, that sums up my year :)
It has been a roller coaster year especially towards the end of the year but I'm still glad at my achievements *pats shoulder* I'm now scribbling my 2015 bucket lists, and enjoying the last few days of 2014! *throw confetti*


Vlog #1 - The after finals week

Hello Hello! How have you been? Christmas is just 2 days away! Can you imagine that *gasp*

Okay, as the title says, I have been dreading my video footages for the longest time. I've always thought vlogs are really fun to watch, so I decided to film short footage of my after finals week!

Here it is :) Rough editing but I hope you enjoy it.

p/s: Spent an hour on editing. omg big respect to all YouTubers.

Weddington Way


Hello there my lovely people! :) I am finally back, done with my finals and now working my ass off for my thesis #meh. But I am tryna work on my routine. Doing more exciting posts! man, it feels so good to be back.

Not long ago I got an email from Weddington Way inviting me to join their blog challenge. I feel so honored! :)

So the question from them is:
If you were the Maid of Honor and the bride asked you to style the bridesmaid look for her big day, what would you suggest?

Now, this is a tricky question. So far I have not been a bride's maid. But I know sooner or later I will be one *fingers crossed my besties pick me*

Well, for me, to be honest, I think bridesmaid really make a difference in a wedding. Since they are the bride's best sistas *i assume*, they could really hype up the whole wedding atmosphere!

As a bridesmaid I would certainly want to look gorgeous on the day but still I wouldn't want to steal the spotlight from the bride! (it's her day!) I have always adore heart-shaped chest halter and long silky dresses. Hence my pick on the dresses I found at Weddington Way are:

Dresses: Donna Morgan Laura from Weddington Way  in the color  Blush and Petal. 

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to find out more about their bridesmaid collection!

Since the dresses I pick are mostly in soft pastel colors, I would want my makeup to match the outfits, by doing the very Korean inspired makeup. I don't really want to have heavy makeup on because I will be wearing it the whole day running up and down so, here is my take :D

Fusing pink and brown eye shadow color, and doing the ombre lips. Make sure to use waterproof makeup because it is going to be an emotional day!
tips: Do mask before putting on any makeup, it makes a hella difference for the flawless and glowy skin!

I cannot imagine my day when I could be a bridesmaid, or even, the Maid of Honor! *excited* If you are in the midst of figuring out what to wear for your bestie's wedding as a bridesmaid, feel free to head over Weddington Way to get inspired! They have a variety of bridesmaid gown. Or even better they have the dresses for the bride to attend their rehearsals or to bridal shower! Nope, I'm not done yet. They even have cute dresses for the little flower girls!

Just hop right over there (or CLICK HERE) to get some inspiration. Even if you are not attending any wedding dinner, it is really fun to browse and look at those beautiful gowns :)

Have a nice day!

Current Jam (November Favorite)


Not the kinda peanut butter jam you are thinking about. I am talking about, my favourite music that I've been replaying NONSTOP for the month.
Which I could label this as my November favorites. 

It is really a great way to discover new music or just simply get the playlist of the genre very easily.

I feel like listening to music in the morning wakes me up because I feel like dancing to it. 
So here is my favorite playlist aka my morning jam

yes i know this is odd, I accidentally click in to the playlist, and fell in love at the almost instant with every single song. 
It is not as country as the classic country, it is slightly more cheerful and makes you (at least me) wants to bounce in the morning while getting ready.

Raised by a Good Time by Steven Lee Olsen.
among the songs, this is my favorite. I cannot even, he sounds so sexy. and I'm obsessed. 

I know how pop songs can be annoying sometimes especially when you hear it a zillion times on the radio. But surprisingly, I didn't get sick with these: 

Blame - Calvin Harris ft John Newman

Cool Kids - Echosmith

Love both of these songs. 
Gotta check em out right after finals, like in another week.

*slowly fading back to studying*


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