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Today I'm blogging about my fashion inspiration. I wanted to blog about this a long time ago because I really want to share about them, they deserve it! I usually get them from Youtube. I love, like really loveeee watching Youtube channels. If you have any favorites, please comment below and lemme know!

*I've link their channel, so just click on their names :D


Hand down guys, like hands down. Her outfit is ALWAYS on point. I love her like cray. People around me know how obsessed I am with her. My woman crush, definitely. 
I love the way she speaks, I love her makeup, I love her style and I definitely love her vibe. She can definitely rock any outfit! 
My favorite quote from her: Everyday is an opportunity for you to wear whatever you want. (more or less that's what she says)


She has a very tomboyish yet sweet style. Colorful and fun. Go watch her and you'll get what I mean. And she has the best editing skills as well, at least in my opinion.

This girl here, she looks average but she's definitely smart and sassy. Her outfit are so easy to wear yet on point. Her love for high waisted shorts is never ending. 

Gime a sec to breath. She is freaking hot. I love her on-the-go quick outfits. She always rock the basic loose tee and skinny jeans combo! 

Gorgeous. Her style  is also very much wacky and she's one hot DJ. Too bad she doesn't have her own channel but really enjoy how she puts different pieces into an awesome overall. 

I just found them lately, and I am loving their styles. More of the monochrome side but definitely lovely. They are considerably new as compared to the others but def produced great videos and outfit ideas! 

(Photo credits: Google)

I hope ya'll really check em out because seriously, these people are awesome. 
If i could explain what my style is, it would be comfy and flowy with the hint of edge and color.
Which explains why these amuhzing people are my inspiration. 

Other inspirations of mine goes to watching people in my campus or reading blogs. 

My last words from this post is to never be afraid to dress whatever you like!


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