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Greetings people! I had a quite productive day: shoot some pictures for the blog, worked on my thesis, had lunch with the girls and had a power nap. Now I'm sipping my iced cold cappuccino while typing this *slurp*

Not long ago I got invited to do a challenge to style a few outfits for the Las Vegas Look. After searching up a few pictures and places in Las Vegas, I'll be showing you my take if I were to be in Las Vegas. Head over to (click here) to see more about Las Vegas! You can easily find restaurants and hotels when you are in Las Vegas. or simply check out the highlight events from this website!

(photo credits: Google)

Imagine yourself counting down to 2015 at the High Roller, one of the attraction in Las Vegas, watching the amazing fireworks! *excites* Las Vegas is such a happening place where there are always fantastic events going on. The night view in Las Vegas is also really breathtaking. Let's hop right into the outfits. 

With a essential Little Black Dress as a base, I'm styling the look from a day-time appropriate look to a nigh-time look. 

(photo credits: Google)

Floral Bomber Jacket from Instagram Blogshop shopshop_my | Black Dress from Smoshe | Tutu Skirt from Tanksfor5 | Floral Creepers from Agape Boutique | Watch from GUESS

My idea on the day time look is fun and easy going, hence the massive floral invasion. This look is really great for a brunch down the street, or simply having tea/coffee with cakes over the cafe! 


(photo credits: Google)

Leather Jacket from TimeSquare | Black Dress from Smoshe | Heels from Eclipse | Watch from GUESS

I know how packing for a trip is so troublesome so here is a way to wear your outfit twice! With the same black dress, I wore it with the edgy leather jacket and my favourite trusty heels, oh not forgetting to add a hint of color with my burgundy lipstick.
 And girl, you are ready to rock the night! I will definitely rock this look on the coming New Year's Eve party. 

lemme know what do you think about these looks. 

Have a great day ahead!

OOTW: Rainy Days


Hello there! How's life running so far? Mine is running very quickly. Can you believe it is November already? I'm now sitting in the Sunway's foyer after the late lunch trying to prep myself to study a bit. But I thought I should hop over here to do a quick post.

So, since October the weather has been really funny. It's raining all the time. Not that I don't love the rain, it is just Malaysia's weather where it is blazing hot in the afternoons but freezing cold in the evening when it's raining.
Here I put together 3 outfits that I've been wearing for the rainy days. Cozy but not too cozy when you are out in the afternoons.

#1 Maxi Dress

Grey Maxi from FBlock | Oversized Checkered Flannel is vintage | Sandals from Treats | Backpack from Penang 
Went for the maxi look but keeping it casual by adding an oversized checkered flannel. 

#2 Sweater Weather
Bart Simpsons Sweater from online blogshop | Dress from Cotton On | Sneakers from Renoma | Bag from Charles and Keith 
 Throw on a happy sweater over a dress to keep yourself warm. Take it off any time again when it gets warmer. 

#3 Crop Sweaters
Kitty Top from online blogshop | Jeans from Forever 21 | Boots from USA
During rainy days I just want to keep my legs warm and dry. I don't want those splash of muddy water on my legs. & I've been wearing these jeans over and over again for the past 2 weeks (even now)!

I hope you like this short and sweet post. Will be talk to you soon enough! ;)


October Favorites


hello hello! Can you believe it is November already?! *gasp* This year has been slightly rocky for me, but nevertheless, I am still working very hard.

I know it's been really long since I did the Favorites posts. So today I gathered up my favorites of the month of October, mostly, food. I've been such a food junkie lately, eating like a cow.

#1 AGift Sweet Dream Lotion & Passionate Perfume
Discovered this lovely little stall in Sunway Pyramid  last month when I went shopping with Cloey. It is a small little shop in Asia Avenue near the Japanese snack shops. The very special thing about this stall is that they actually donate part of their earnings to those in need for example special needs children. Well, win-win, we get to get something lovely while doing a good deed. The best thing is the price is really affordable!

The lotion has been a life saver for my insomnia issues. The lady introduced this to me and says it has the calming effect. Well I'm not sure if it is working psychologically but I do adore the scent. It has the most relaxing scent ever *sniff again*

This perfume has been my go-to perfume since I bought it back. It has the sweet and light scent. Thou it doesn't linger long, but I don't mind it at all since it is so light I can spray it again throughout the day. 

*click to read the summary*
This is the best bittersweet romance novel everrrrr! I fell in love just from the first chapter. oh gosh, I love how Danielle has added a little historical events into the stories which made it even more interesting. The ghost, Sarah Ferguson was described as such a beautiful and brave angel, even I want to meet her in real life. It was a great before-bed book to read. 

#3 Yogood Muesli Bars
My favorites are actually the berries flavored ones but I just got these at the moment. They are incredibly yummy! *om noms* It is quite sweet but because it comes in small packages, I can control the portion. It is also easy for me to pop it into my bag when I'm in a rush out the door. 

#4 Pretz (Plain Salt & Sour Cream and Onion)
My favorite snacks for the entire October. You have no idea how much I've had these. I actually prefer these over the sweet Rocky/Pocky or whatever you call those. They actually have quite a lot in a box as well. Head over to RedTicks grocery shop in SetiaWalk as they sell it in a much cheaper price. (heads over and grab another box, chomping down)

That's basically it! I hope you are well, and working hard to end your 2014 well. Talk to you soon in my next post!


Fashion Inspiration (YouTube)


Today I'm blogging about my fashion inspiration. I wanted to blog about this a long time ago because I really want to share about them, they deserve it! I usually get them from Youtube. I love, like really loveeee watching Youtube channels. If you have any favorites, please comment below and lemme know!

*I've link their channel, so just click on their names :D


Hand down guys, like hands down. Her outfit is ALWAYS on point. I love her like cray. People around me know how obsessed I am with her. My woman crush, definitely. 
I love the way she speaks, I love her makeup, I love her style and I definitely love her vibe. She can definitely rock any outfit! 
My favorite quote from her: Everyday is an opportunity for you to wear whatever you want. (more or less that's what she says)


She has a very tomboyish yet sweet style. Colorful and fun. Go watch her and you'll get what I mean. And she has the best editing skills as well, at least in my opinion.

This girl here, she looks average but she's definitely smart and sassy. Her outfit are so easy to wear yet on point. Her love for high waisted shorts is never ending. 

Gime a sec to breath. She is freaking hot. I love her on-the-go quick outfits. She always rock the basic loose tee and skinny jeans combo! 

Gorgeous. Her style  is also very much wacky and she's one hot DJ. Too bad she doesn't have her own channel but really enjoy how she puts different pieces into an awesome overall. 

I just found them lately, and I am loving their styles. More of the monochrome side but definitely lovely. They are considerably new as compared to the others but def produced great videos and outfit ideas! 

(Photo credits: Google)

I hope ya'll really check em out because seriously, these people are awesome. 
If i could explain what my style is, it would be comfy and flowy with the hint of edge and color.
Which explains why these amuhzing people are my inspiration. 

Other inspirations of mine goes to watching people in my campus or reading blogs. 

My last words from this post is to never be afraid to dress whatever you like!


The One Month Hiatus from Social Media


Hi everyone, Some of you might not know, I have been staying away from social media for a month now, after the break up.

This one month hiatus from social media has been the correct decision. I have been staying away from Instagram, Facebook News Feed and Twitter. If it was not for work and university purposes, I will not be there. The reason being, to get myself away from those unnecessary emotional posts, inaccurate analyzes and putting myself out there to please people.

I have been fairly strong this month. Emotional at some part of the time but mostly I am very occupied with work, training and assignments. I felt I am a very lucky girl, with all the love and support given to me. I am also proud of how strong I am.

Surviving a break up is never an easy task, no matter who'd brought up the issue or how long the relationship was.

When the emotions get to me, I let it sink and really acknowledged it. Experience it fully, then move on. This reminds me of the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" where Morrie said, that's life, you experience pain, sorrow and disappointment, but we also experience the joy, happiness and love.

I'm reminding myself every time I think about it, that everything happens for a reason. I have no idea what this would lead me to, but I'm working my best to be better, stronger and happier, for the better.

Thank you. I love all of you, especially my parents who've been there for me through the lows.  

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