The weather is now fantastic. Just ended my class and now sitting down at a coffee shop (click here to check out my favorite spot for tea and coffee). I found out that I am always ranting at my busy routine. Never once I exclude the ranting so I must stop. 

Ever had a period of time where you're incline to certain color/outfits? Lately, I am always going for dresses. 

1. Off-shoulder dress from unknown brand | Watch from Guess
A great outing w my dear friend, shopping and peanut butter latte. 

2. Crop Top from the Reject Shop (HnM) | High Waisted Short from blogshop | Checkered shirt from Polo 
A data collection day. 

3. Dress from unknown brand
Nothing, just a lazy day so I slip on an easy yet put together dress. 

4. Dress from unknown brand 
Another lazy day yawnyawnyawn, and the day didnt end well. 

5. Dress from Fblock | Cardigan from unknown brand 
Discussion and class. I told you I'm boring, 

6. Black Top from unknown brand | Outer wear from unknown brand | Jeans from Kitschen 
A flashmob day, and also a meetup day with the bro. 

If this post bore you with all the simple dresses, it is how it is then, Haha! 
Dresses are the best lazy day essentials, my favourite are those flowy summer dresses. So easy to put on! 

oh and I will 'upgrade' my OOTW series a little, Thanks for the comments! 

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