Good afternoon everyone. :) How is your Saturday going so far? Mine started off with something new so it was pretty good. 

Here I share my Outfit of the Week with ya'll. or I would say my outfit diary :D 

1. Top from MNG basics | Ripped Jeans DIY - 
All set for a chill Soju night out. 

2. Top from TerraNova | Skinny Black Jeans from MNG - 
Basics could never go wrong. Off to run some errands. 

3. Basic graphic tee from Hongkai | Pleated Leather Skirt from an online blogshop
The wind was too strong that evening it literally blew my skirt up. yiaks. 

4. Jacket from MNG | Top from Zara | Stripe Skirt from online blogshop - 
Trying to look more put together that morning but something came up, and I don't understand a single thing mention in class. 

5. Black top from Romp | Denim jacket from Asia Avenue | Jeggings from flea market - 
All set for a 9am to 5.30pm class,

6. Gray top from H&M | Jeans from Time Square -
 On a gray scale and this is today, off to work. 

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  1. I love your outfits Minnie! Why don't you make a hashtag for yourself on Instagram whenever you post your OOTDs? I love your fashion sense and it would be so much easier for us fans to access your OOTDs as reference at one go instead of having to keep scrolling through your whole Instagram! :D [not to say that your Instagram is unpleasant but you get the picture ;)]



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