Hi everyone. :) 
Things has been moving really fast for me. I am exhausted, mentally from all the event happening. But nevertheless, I find joy in it :D 

Here are the list of my outfits for the past week. 

1. Dress from Tanksfor5 | Denim Jacket from Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid | Bag from Charles and Keith
Off for a night out meeting my lovely cousie, and I also met the fluffiest active Tuffy. oh I also got lots of clothes from her. nyehehe

2. Dress from CottonOn | Jacket from Ipoh Parade
This is my fave jacket now. Busy day ahead and went to watch HK and his team winning IMU cup dance competition *yay*

3. Top from CottonOn | Jeggings from Nile
Data Collection day. (Please click here for more)

4. Military Jacket from SomeWear Over the Rainbow | Skirt from Kitschen 
I love this combo! I literally forgot what I did that day. 

5. Top from Topshop | Shorts from Ipoh Parade | Jacket is vintage 
Another flyday class from 9am to 5pm, ey yay, 

6. Top from Smoshe | Skirt from a random stall I found a year ago (lulz)
Quiz, Internship Fair. Dance practice. Friends meetup. TIRED,

The week was pretty packed. 

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  1. Maybe next week you could + footwear for a more complete look? :)



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