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Hi ya'll. A lot happened last week, which was great! September has been well, even thou busy but good. I am sure October will be even busier, hopefully better as well!

So today I bring you on a tour to A Pie Thing. I am pretty sure you've heard about it. It's just a place where they sell, PIES. Lots and lots of pies, be it sweet or savory ones, depending which type of person you are.

I am the one who prefer savory ones but, I dont mind some sweetness.(well, sometimes I do crave)

Love how big and simple their sign is. So easy to spot!

Tried to be a instagram-hipster-foodie like by adding my shades beside. ehem. 

Featuring their famous S'more Pie. double the om noms when it comes with Chocolate and Marshmallows in Pie form. 

Companion of the day.

128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

oh, a sweet reminder that the shop opens from 4pm to 11pm. We came around 2pm and it was not open yet :/ So we had to have our brunch/dinner somewhere else and came back for dessert. yums.

& I will be back. For their savory pies. *determined*

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