50 facts about me


Hi. So here is a random post of 50 facts about me. Just basically me typing whatever "facts" that describes me, and whatever comes into my mind.


  1. I am Minnie and this name is stuck with me since I was a little kid don't ask me why. 
  2. I am 21 this year.
  3. I am a Degree student in Sunway University doing Psychology.
  4. I didn't initially want this course but I turn out to enjoy it pretty much 
  5. I initially wanted to be a vet. 
  6. I love Labradors and Golden Retrievers. 
  7. I have a dog name MongMong. 
  8. I do street dance.
  9. I love reggae music.
  10. Dancing can be one of the best passions I've discovered in me for the past year. 
  11. I love dressing up. 
  12. I am currently obsessed with jeans and white tops. 
  13. I love lip colors. 
  14. I need to fill in my brows whenever I leave the house. 
  15. I live with my parents together with my sister and brother, and a dog. 
  16. I love tea, not coffee. 
  17. I cannot take spicy food.
  18. but I love tomyam. 
  19. I am more of a noodle person. 
  20. I pack my bags and outfit the night before I have class.
  21. That is because I wana sleep in a little longer. 
  22. I love going to classes, like uni classes. 
  23. I just started watching "How I met your mother" and I love it. 
  24. I just finish watching Pitch Perfect, twice. 
  25. Go watch The Hundred-foot journey because it is awesome. (oh this is a fact because I just watch it)
  26. I have a boyfriend. 
  27. We have been together for 3 years. 
  28. I recently found out I kinda love cooking.
  29. I love salads and broccoli. 
  30. I love outer wears, I have tons of it. 
  31. I love colors in my outfit. 
  32. I cannot  follow the monotone fashion trend. 
  33. I need my diary all the time. 
  34. and my diary is freaking colorful. 
  35. I would love to own an iPod. 
  36. I hate (and am afraid of, very) lizard.
  37. I am ok with cockroaches thou.
  38. I love shoes that gives me height and have chunky heels. 
  39. I am a tutor as well. 
  40. I would love to make YouTube videos, but maybe not. 
  41. I use to play keyboard in a band. 
  42. I did ballet when I was younger. 
  43. I use to write songs when I was in high school. 
  44. I did Taekwondo for 13 years. 
  45. I was Chinese educated for the past 12 years of my primary school and high school years (it's awesome)
  46. I want to own a lion as my pet. 
  47. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay. 
  48. oh, I'm Malaysian. 
  49. Hongkai and I love Jason Mraz like cray.
  50. um, I always say I hate pink but I own a lot of pink stuff. 

Ok. turns out writing 50 facts about myself isn't that easy. 
thank you for reading and,

get pumped up for the week! 

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