Tea Time


hi ya'll. I have been very busy lately. Working on my final year project and upcoming assignments deadlines. However, a little time is needed for myself, to recharge and what not.

So here are some spots that I've been hanging out lately, sipping some tea/coffee, munching on some cakes and of course, multitasking doing my work.

Spot #1 Doi Chaang, Taipan USJ
My favorite choice: All of their TEA and their signature Iced Doi Chaang. 
I am always around here because, well mainly because my studio is just right above. But then, I really enjoy their great ambiance, great and friendly service and yummy food. Oh and please, must try their Truffle Mushroom Sandwich! *droolsdrools* 
Not forgetting they have lots of different promo going on every now and then. 
p/s: I enjoy their acoustic playlist too. 

Spot #2 Coffea Coffee, Sunway Pyramid 

My favorite choice: Peanut Butter Latte. ft. Matcha Red Bean Swissroll
Again, mainly because I study in Sunway University. But their Peanut Butter Latte is so yummy and smooth! Plus, not that strong, so those who aren't coffee lovers might enjoy this as well. 

That's all for a short and sweet post. 
oh and Happy International Coffee Day for all the coffee lovers out there. 
can somebody start a International Tea Day please.

A Pie Thing


Hi ya'll. A lot happened last week, which was great! September has been well, even thou busy but good. I am sure October will be even busier, hopefully better as well!

So today I bring you on a tour to A Pie Thing. I am pretty sure you've heard about it. It's just a place where they sell, PIES. Lots and lots of pies, be it sweet or savory ones, depending which type of person you are.

I am the one who prefer savory ones but, I dont mind some sweetness.(well, sometimes I do crave)

Love how big and simple their sign is. So easy to spot!

Tried to be a instagram-hipster-foodie like by adding my shades beside. ehem. 

Featuring their famous S'more Pie. double the om noms when it comes with Chocolate and Marshmallows in Pie form. 

Companion of the day.

128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

oh, a sweet reminder that the shop opens from 4pm to 11pm. We came around 2pm and it was not open yet :/ So we had to have our brunch/dinner somewhere else and came back for dessert. yums.

& I will be back. For their savory pies. *determined*



Hi everyone. :) 
Things has been moving really fast for me. I am exhausted, mentally from all the event happening. But nevertheless, I find joy in it :D 

Here are the list of my outfits for the past week. 

1. Dress from Tanksfor5 | Denim Jacket from Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid | Bag from Charles and Keith
Off for a night out meeting my lovely cousie, and I also met the fluffiest active Tuffy. oh I also got lots of clothes from her. nyehehe

2. Dress from CottonOn | Jacket from Ipoh Parade
This is my fave jacket now. Busy day ahead and went to watch HK and his team winning IMU cup dance competition *yay*

3. Top from CottonOn | Jeggings from Nile
Data Collection day. (Please click here for more)

4. Military Jacket from SomeWear Over the Rainbow | Skirt from Kitschen 
I love this combo! I literally forgot what I did that day. 

5. Top from Topshop | Shorts from Ipoh Parade | Jacket is vintage 
Another flyday class from 9am to 5pm, ey yay, 

6. Top from Smoshe | Skirt from a random stall I found a year ago (lulz)
Quiz, Internship Fair. Dance practice. Friends meetup. TIRED,

The week was pretty packed. 

After Uni/Work Beauty Routine


Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! We are half way through September now. 
I am currently feelin a little ill with my cough and flu. Fingers crossed I get well tmr morning. 

Well here is another post on my beauty routine which I find very helpful for after school/work. 

Step 1. 
Remove makeup. 
ESSENTIAL. I've always thought I could skip this step when I only wear my eyebrow powder, and it turn out I have lots of acne around my brow area. So, remove any makeup using makeup remover. I suggest oil-based ones because they are easy and strong enough to remove all stubborn makeup. Or you could simply use water-base ones when you have minimal makeup on. 

Product shown: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil
(highly recommend!)

Step 2. 
Wash the dirty face!
When in school/uni, I am always walking in and out the air-conditioned classrooms. And I am outdoor heading over to the cafeteria, car park, restaurants or what not. Results? Oily and dirty face! (ew)
My latest tip on this step is to use the pink color little puff net and rub it with facial wash to produce bubbles. Then use the bubbles to wash the face. I find my face less dry yet clean after washing. Win-win!

Product: Herbaline Amino Facial Wash 
(Highly recommended for acne-prone skin type)

Step 3. 
The basic step after washing my face. 

Product: Herbalin Soothing Toner

Step 4. 
Moisturize that tired face. 
I always have very dehydrated face after the tiring day, So I would always opt for extra moisturizing cream or I'll just put on some hydrating mask. Locking the water in muh faceee. 

Product shown: 
(Top) Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel 
(Bottom) Kanebo Freshel All-in-one Moisturizing Gel 



Good afternoon everyone. :) How is your Saturday going so far? Mine started off with something new so it was pretty good. 

Here I share my Outfit of the Week with ya'll. or I would say my outfit diary :D 

1. Top from MNG basics | Ripped Jeans DIY - 
All set for a chill Soju night out. 

2. Top from TerraNova | Skinny Black Jeans from MNG - 
Basics could never go wrong. Off to run some errands. 

3. Basic graphic tee from Hongkai | Pleated Leather Skirt from an online blogshop
The wind was too strong that evening it literally blew my skirt up. yiaks. 

4. Jacket from MNG | Top from Zara | Stripe Skirt from online blogshop - 
Trying to look more put together that morning but something came up, and I don't understand a single thing mention in class. 

5. Black top from Romp | Denim jacket from Asia Avenue | Jeggings from flea market - 
All set for a 9am to 5.30pm class,

6. Gray top from H&M | Jeans from Time Square -
 On a gray scale and this is today, off to work. 

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Yogurt #2


hello human! How is your week going so far? It is finally FLYDAY! So thankful the week went pretty well :) Not everything went smoothly but, it was still pretty awesome with bits of joy here and there.

Today, I am doing another yummy guilt-free snack/breakfast that is quick and easy. I actually blog about how I make my yogurt previously (click HERE if you haven't read about it) and this is a version of  how I make mine recently.

Plain yogurt (Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt)
Blue berries (or fruit of your choice)
Manuka Honey

and you are good to go! 

p/s: the honey helps to neutralize the sour taste in the yogurt if you don't really like the sourness. 

Have a great weekend!

50 facts about me


Hi. So here is a random post of 50 facts about me. Just basically me typing whatever "facts" that describes me, and whatever comes into my mind.


  1. I am Minnie and this name is stuck with me since I was a little kid don't ask me why. 
  2. I am 21 this year.
  3. I am a Degree student in Sunway University doing Psychology.
  4. I didn't initially want this course but I turn out to enjoy it pretty much 
  5. I initially wanted to be a vet. 
  6. I love Labradors and Golden Retrievers. 
  7. I have a dog name MongMong. 
  8. I do street dance.
  9. I love reggae music.
  10. Dancing can be one of the best passions I've discovered in me for the past year. 
  11. I love dressing up. 
  12. I am currently obsessed with jeans and white tops. 
  13. I love lip colors. 
  14. I need to fill in my brows whenever I leave the house. 
  15. I live with my parents together with my sister and brother, and a dog. 
  16. I love tea, not coffee. 
  17. I cannot take spicy food.
  18. but I love tomyam. 
  19. I am more of a noodle person. 
  20. I pack my bags and outfit the night before I have class.
  21. That is because I wana sleep in a little longer. 
  22. I love going to classes, like uni classes. 
  23. I just started watching "How I met your mother" and I love it. 
  24. I just finish watching Pitch Perfect, twice. 
  25. Go watch The Hundred-foot journey because it is awesome. (oh this is a fact because I just watch it)
  26. I have a boyfriend. 
  27. We have been together for 3 years. 
  28. I recently found out I kinda love cooking.
  29. I love salads and broccoli. 
  30. I love outer wears, I have tons of it. 
  31. I love colors in my outfit. 
  32. I cannot  follow the monotone fashion trend. 
  33. I need my diary all the time. 
  34. and my diary is freaking colorful. 
  35. I would love to own an iPod. 
  36. I hate (and am afraid of, very) lizard.
  37. I am ok with cockroaches thou.
  38. I love shoes that gives me height and have chunky heels. 
  39. I am a tutor as well. 
  40. I would love to make YouTube videos, but maybe not. 
  41. I use to play keyboard in a band. 
  42. I did ballet when I was younger. 
  43. I use to write songs when I was in high school. 
  44. I did Taekwondo for 13 years. 
  45. I was Chinese educated for the past 12 years of my primary school and high school years (it's awesome)
  46. I want to own a lion as my pet. 
  47. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay. 
  48. oh, I'm Malaysian. 
  49. Hongkai and I love Jason Mraz like cray.
  50. um, I always say I hate pink but I own a lot of pink stuff. 

Ok. turns out writing 50 facts about myself isn't that easy. 
thank you for reading and,

get pumped up for the week! 

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