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Another book review. 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. 
This is my first Nicholas Sparks book. He is well-known for his popular novel The Notebook and Dear John. I have yet to read them. A lot of his novels are filmed into movies, which I guess you will not be unfamiliar with. 

So for this one, I think it is a pretty good book, even though i got a little bit bored at the very beginning but it got way exciting towards the middle till the end. 
I would say it is a 7/10. 

Summary from Nicholas Sparks official website here 

My favorite quote, 
"When love can hurt, it can heal as well"

I will be a little bit of a spoiler for this, 
basically, Katie was badly abused by her husband in the past that is why she have to runaway from home to Southport. 

This pretty much hits me. 
There are so many domestic abuse cases happening. Why are they happening? Be it physical abuses or verbal abuses.I mean, we marry the people we love, then why hit your wife/husband? why say hurtful words that breaks her/his heart?

The husband in this story seems to be psychotic. But the author didn't explain this part which sometimes lead to misunderstanding, in my opinion. I know sometimes aggressive behaviors cannot be explained. Yet, a lot of times, domestic abuse might happen due to similar history of the person or emotional burden that have not been treated appropriately and thoroughly.

I guess it is just me being a psychology student, I really want to dive into the story and help the husband as well. Bring him to the professionals and what not, understand the story behind him too.

oh and, 
I really love the story twist about Jo. :)

enough being a spoiler. see you on my next post!


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