Project Hip Hope 2014 - The post-phh feelings


HI. :) Project Hip Hope 2014 has finally come to an end! As compared to last year's post-PHH thoughts and feelings, this year I feel more, satisfied, not the usual I don't know what to do next kinda feeling.

This time, I get to participate in the process of organizing and preparing BTS and performing as well.
Even though the process is tiring but,
being able to give, I am truly blessed that I have gained a lot as well.

I've gained knowledge, friendships, supports and experience. 

This post is more of thanking people who have been supporting me throughout (or even, before) the event. If you wana skip this part just head off to Mythology Project. They captured the great moments of the workshops and soul party itself.

OK. enough of all these.
Just watch these videos.


Now, the long (yet necessary) rant is here.

I joined John Teop Riley's Production and DJ Workshops this time. 
DJ is not easy. Thank you John! You are amazing!

To my family who'd been supporting me. 
Thank you for my parents' support, trusting me all the time when i venture into this whole hip hop thing. And my aunties, cousins, and siblings who came and watch me dance. It meant a lot, like truly a lot to me when I know my family is down there watching me dance :)

To the friends.
You guys are awesome, even those who are not on the event itself, THANKYOU. :D

High School Friends. These guys are like the best. THANKYOUAZILLION. 

My Roomie. Who has been supportive since last year's event :D 

Janice Lee. Always a babe, supporting and listening me rant about how stressful I am. Thank you.

Honeys for life. I think this is their first time watching me dance live as well. 

and not forgetting the in-laws as well. haha! 
Here I thank this annoying guy on the far right, for supporting and sharing my passion as well. :)

JinKun Yong as well for supporting me and Hongkai. (our only pictures are with you JinKun haha) 

AND the girls. 
Estillio x Spice girls. haha.

Estillio x our hot mama Silvya Lo.


This amazing mighty J-wreck. Joel Tan. :) 
Thank you. 

The family. Urban Groove. 
  & D'artiz
& Krosswerdz. 

Just head over to Mythology Project for more pictures and videos. 
Once the performance videos are out, I will post em up again. :D 

To the amazing friendships I've gain, 
Silvya, Christine, Alex, Mervin, Pastor Mark, Izzy, Oakbridge, Mistery, The Profit and baby Silas, the Rileys, tha Guard, Ekl, Faith, Lindsay, Charmaine. 
And the stronger bonds we share, 
Urban Groove family. 

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