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I have been cleaning up my rooms for the past few days, clearing up unnecessary stuff, especially those used up products on the make up table. Thus, I am doing this post.

I realize that I have used up quite a number of products so i might as well blog about them before throwing them away. The great thing about this post is that I could really comment on how well did the products work on me.

Let's hop right into it then :)


From top to bottom: 
IN2IT waterproof eyeliner (01 very black)
Essence Sun Club 100% Splash Proof Eyeliner Pen (01 ultra black)
Silky Girl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen (blackest black)

All of them are felt tip eyeliners because I find it easier to control. They are also all in the darkest black because, I just love bold eyeliners. 

Out of the three eyeliner, I like the Silky Girl eyeliner the most because I felt that it stayed on longer and the felt tip is more sharp and harder than the other two. It was the easiest to create precise wing-shaped eyeliner among the two. For both Silky Girl and Essence eyeliners, they stayed on longer than the IN2IT eyeliener even when I did not put a base on my eyelid.

For the price, they did quite a great job. You can easily get them from Watsons, Guardian or Caring. 
I'm not sure if I would purchase them again, but for the SilkyGirl one, I might.


From top to bottom:
SilkyGirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara (01 blackest black)
SilkyGirl Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara (01 blackest black)
Dior Show Extase Mascara (01 black extase)

Three of these work pretty well for me. Among them all, SilkyGirl Big Eye mascara gave me the most spidery looking lashes after application whereas Dior gave me the most volumized lashes because of their applicators. The first one worked OK for me because it lengthens and volumize my lashes pretty nicely. Would definitely repurchase the SilkyGirl Mascaras because I like the formula and the price are affordable as well.

Mentioned SilkyGirl Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara in my February favorites post here 


From top to bottom: 
IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (03 ash brow)
I personally didn't like this. It has a very thin applicator so it was difficult for me to draw my brows. :/ 

Empro Triangular Brow Pencil (natural brown)
I like this product because it was very easy to apply with the design. It also comes with the brow brush at the end so I didn't have to bring a separate on along with me. 

Wouldn't repurchase these at the moment because I'm still in love with my Etude House Brow Kit. 

Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral 

Hands down, this is my ultimate favorite concealer. Easy to blend and good coverage. Love it. I've already repurchase the second one. I've also recommend this to my friends who's looking for concealer.Yup love it.

 #5 Eye Primer 
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer 

I've finished this product for the longest time. I love this primer. It does the job for the price of RM29.90. The eyeliner/eyeshadow I apply on top of it really stayed longer and my eyelid appears to be less oily. The only downside of this product is you need to quickly blend them out after you apply them or else it would show little white dried patches. I need a very very veryyyy little amount and it does the job :) 
Would repurchase this product :) 

That's the end of the post! I hope you find this helpful. Lemme know if you tried any of these product :) 

Thank you. 

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