Degree in Psychology #5


As usual, here are my words for the semester after I got my results yesterday.

If you ask me,
What do you want to do with your Psychology Degree?

I would initially say. "I have no idea."


Still, I don't know.
BUT. I am very sure I want to do something with it. 

You see, this course has gave me so much more than, academic theories and assignments and exams (of course majority it is). It gave me something beyond the that.

As a final student,
I not only start to question everything I read/see, I also am at a grey area.
I don't know what is right or wrong? How do we define if someone's behavior is right or wrong?

Don't get me wrong, I do think this is a great change because we try to understand situations as a whole for now. Not just accepting whatever "facts" that is thrown to our faces.

One thing I've learned for sure.
Happiness comes within ourselves. 
There will be people hating us, there will be judging us, there will be people holding us down, 

but are you doing that to yourself?


p/s: I did average for the previous semester. I've always been an average student, not the ones with flying colors or what not. oh and by the way, new semester is starting next monday. bye

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