Empties | Hair and Skin Care Products


Continuing my previous post about the products I've used up, I am here to write about another empties post of hair and skin care products.

Hair Products

#1 Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist and Hologram Hair Serum 

I love these product. The hair mist (on the left) did not work as well for me, but the serum definitely did! This is the second bottle of the serum I've bought. I love the rich texture and the sweet scent of it :D It kept my hair moisturized with just the small amount. So love the serum

 #2 Sephora Express Dry Shampoo 
I don't know how to feel about this product. I have oily hair throughout the day so I need dry shampoo of keep it dry and puffy. But this works just, meh for me. It did make my hair less oily but, I don't know how I feel about this product. :/
oh it has a nice scent :D
May get another one to try, but I am still hunting for a great dry shampoo or volumizing hair spray. 

 #3 Head Spa Nourishing Concentrated Creambath 
This I give credit to my sister. Definitely love the product! It is a treatment cream. I use it almost daily as moisturizer to my hair after shampooing. It leaves my hair super smooth and soft. Omergawd. LOVE. I this is the third time she repurchase. 

 #4 Schwarzkopf Osis+ Lifting Volume Cream (Medium Control)
This product does helped volumize my hair BUT it also dries up my hair. So, i guess I'll needa compromise a little but applying some serum or stuff before applying this. You can get this from Shins. 

Skin Care Products

#1 Color Combos' Aloe Vera Protective Lip Balm 
Loved this to the bits. Very moisturizing, especially when I have chapped lips from time to time :/ Not scented so it doesn't have a very disgusting medicine scent to it. You can get it from Sasa. :) 

#3 Herbaline Skin Care Products
I haven't blog about this but I have recently been in love with Herbaline Facial Spa service and products! They have promo on students for RM48 per facial session so go check them out. They would actually introduce products that suits you, so that's a plus point :)

Herbaline Amino Facial Wash 
Mad love. This product has been a life saver for my acne prone skin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin, very troublesome. ugh! This product help to reduce the acne and also I can feel that my skin is clean but not dry after using it. Recommend :) 

Herbaline Aloe Vera Cream 
It helps soothes my dry skin, yes. But it comes in very small bottle so I use them up pretty fast. :/ and quite pricey. sigh. 

Herbaline Soothing Toner
Love this. It soothes the redness on my skin and yes I use it on my back as well. It did helped reduce the acne and redness. I especially love the spray bottle design! You know when we sometimes pour too much toner on the cotton pad. So yup thumbs up! 
Got them from Herbaline IOI Mall. 

 #4 The Face Shop Mild Toner
I have a love-hate relationship with this set of product. I bought the whole set of oil control skin care product. Yes, it did control the oilyness. Yet, it dries out my skin when I use it together with their oil-controlling moisturizer because before this I always thought I have oily skin. Turns out after the facial treatment, they told me I have both dry and oily skin. 
So when I use this set of product, I'll use it with a moisturizing product to balance it out (e.g this toner and a moisturizing cream)
oh love the scent and packaging!! 

That's it for my empties blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading and find them helpful because I do enjoy doing them and find empties Youtube videos and blogpost very helpful. 

Have a great day!

Empties | Cosmetics


I have been cleaning up my rooms for the past few days, clearing up unnecessary stuff, especially those used up products on the make up table. Thus, I am doing this post.

I realize that I have used up quite a number of products so i might as well blog about them before throwing them away. The great thing about this post is that I could really comment on how well did the products work on me.

Let's hop right into it then :)


From top to bottom: 
IN2IT waterproof eyeliner (01 very black)
Essence Sun Club 100% Splash Proof Eyeliner Pen (01 ultra black)
Silky Girl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen (blackest black)

All of them are felt tip eyeliners because I find it easier to control. They are also all in the darkest black because, I just love bold eyeliners. 

Out of the three eyeliner, I like the Silky Girl eyeliner the most because I felt that it stayed on longer and the felt tip is more sharp and harder than the other two. It was the easiest to create precise wing-shaped eyeliner among the two. For both Silky Girl and Essence eyeliners, they stayed on longer than the IN2IT eyeliener even when I did not put a base on my eyelid.

For the price, they did quite a great job. You can easily get them from Watsons, Guardian or Caring. 
I'm not sure if I would purchase them again, but for the SilkyGirl one, I might.


From top to bottom:
SilkyGirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara (01 blackest black)
SilkyGirl Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara (01 blackest black)
Dior Show Extase Mascara (01 black extase)

Three of these work pretty well for me. Among them all, SilkyGirl Big Eye mascara gave me the most spidery looking lashes after application whereas Dior gave me the most volumized lashes because of their applicators. The first one worked OK for me because it lengthens and volumize my lashes pretty nicely. Would definitely repurchase the SilkyGirl Mascaras because I like the formula and the price are affordable as well.

Mentioned SilkyGirl Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara in my February favorites post here 


From top to bottom: 
IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (03 ash brow)
I personally didn't like this. It has a very thin applicator so it was difficult for me to draw my brows. :/ 

Empro Triangular Brow Pencil (natural brown)
I like this product because it was very easy to apply with the design. It also comes with the brow brush at the end so I didn't have to bring a separate on along with me. 

Wouldn't repurchase these at the moment because I'm still in love with my Etude House Brow Kit. 

Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral 

Hands down, this is my ultimate favorite concealer. Easy to blend and good coverage. Love it. I've already repurchase the second one. I've also recommend this to my friends who's looking for concealer.Yup love it.

 #5 Eye Primer 
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer 

I've finished this product for the longest time. I love this primer. It does the job for the price of RM29.90. The eyeliner/eyeshadow I apply on top of it really stayed longer and my eyelid appears to be less oily. The only downside of this product is you need to quickly blend them out after you apply them or else it would show little white dried patches. I need a very very veryyyy little amount and it does the job :) 
Would repurchase this product :) 

That's the end of the post! I hope you find this helpful. Lemme know if you tried any of these product :) 

Thank you. 

No time to waste


Hi guys.
I know i just uploaded a rather wordy post about my university and stuff like that. I actually thought of including this in it but I guess it is best to separate them because I have so much to say.

I will be ending my university life very soon. Another 4 months of studies and 3 months of internship, and I am out on my own.

I feel that there is so much more that I have not done.

To be frank, I am not ready, I am scared.

I am scared about the "outside" world.
I am worried that I am not good enough.
I am not prepared.

So now, I am trying very hard, and doing my best, to work on things that is needed. I am preparing myself to step outside.

1. Improve my English. 
Sorry this is a harsh world and language is your best tool. The ability to speak/write English well will quickly set the first impression. Yes I am working on it. 

2. Read
Can I not emphasize how important it is to read? Read about everything. Politics, worldwide news etc. I use to think I have nothing to do with all these, but as I grow up, I realize this: We are all interconnected. By reading, we'll have better knowledge about the world, we understand people even better, or in short, we understand ourselves better as well :) 

3. Don't try to hard to fit in
I am trying not to fit in to other's expectations, be it as major as my future career or as minor as the way I dress. 

4. Habits
Realize the fact that, if we cannot change a habit we hate so much about ourselves, don't even bother to change the world. I am going to be very honest here, I am a very messy person, not an organized person, which I hate about it. I am taking my initial step to change, by just organizing my bedroom. One step at a time, because it is difficult to change a habit. But bear in mind, if we don't do it now, we might never do it.

ugh, time is flying.
there's no time to waste.
I need to work on so many things.

Degree in Psychology #5


As usual, here are my words for the semester after I got my results yesterday.

If you ask me,
What do you want to do with your Psychology Degree?

I would initially say. "I have no idea."


Still, I don't know.
BUT. I am very sure I want to do something with it. 

You see, this course has gave me so much more than, academic theories and assignments and exams (of course majority it is). It gave me something beyond the that.

As a final student,
I not only start to question everything I read/see, I also am at a grey area.
I don't know what is right or wrong? How do we define if someone's behavior is right or wrong?

Don't get me wrong, I do think this is a great change because we try to understand situations as a whole for now. Not just accepting whatever "facts" that is thrown to our faces.

One thing I've learned for sure.
Happiness comes within ourselves. 
There will be people hating us, there will be judging us, there will be people holding us down, 

but are you doing that to yourself?


p/s: I did average for the previous semester. I've always been an average student, not the ones with flying colors or what not. oh and by the way, new semester is starting next monday. bye

Safe Haven


Hi peeps. 
I have lots of drafted post on the line! yes, finally working things out. 
Every posts are rather short, but I'll try to make sure the content is worth reading. :) 

Another book review. 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. 
This is my first Nicholas Sparks book. He is well-known for his popular novel The Notebook and Dear John. I have yet to read them. A lot of his novels are filmed into movies, which I guess you will not be unfamiliar with. 

So for this one, I think it is a pretty good book, even though i got a little bit bored at the very beginning but it got way exciting towards the middle till the end. 
I would say it is a 7/10. 

Summary from Nicholas Sparks official website here 

My favorite quote, 
"When love can hurt, it can heal as well"

I will be a little bit of a spoiler for this, 
basically, Katie was badly abused by her husband in the past that is why she have to runaway from home to Southport. 

This pretty much hits me. 
There are so many domestic abuse cases happening. Why are they happening? Be it physical abuses or verbal abuses.I mean, we marry the people we love, then why hit your wife/husband? why say hurtful words that breaks her/his heart?

The husband in this story seems to be psychotic. But the author didn't explain this part which sometimes lead to misunderstanding, in my opinion. I know sometimes aggressive behaviors cannot be explained. Yet, a lot of times, domestic abuse might happen due to similar history of the person or emotional burden that have not been treated appropriately and thoroughly.

I guess it is just me being a psychology student, I really want to dive into the story and help the husband as well. Bring him to the professionals and what not, understand the story behind him too.

oh and, 
I really love the story twist about Jo. :)

enough being a spoiler. see you on my next post!


Tuesdays with Morrie


Here's another book review. And this shall be included as my July favorite. I am trying to do things quite differently now, rather than just giving my verdict on each book, I will also include a reflection of mine at the end of the post, so if you are interested, read them as well :)

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. 

Lovely. and Inspiring.

It is a memoir by Mitch Albom about his professor, Morrie who was dying from ALS.
You can read up about the summary of the book just by Googling them, or here 

hmm, lemme see how should i put this in words. 
You see, it discusses a lot of issues, be it relationships, dreams or family. 
and each chapter touches my heart. 
Every time I finish a chapter, I would stop, breath and reflect on it before moving on. 
I look forward to read about the next issue that's about to be brought up.

My verdict? 
Because there is too much to be absorbed. 
I need to read them over again. 

This is the first time I need to fold on the corners of the pages for the quotes I find meaningful and impactful. 

Here's one.
"You have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn't work, don't buy it. Create your own."

Have you ever met great teachers? Who has been inspiring you? Taught you lessons that is very important, not the academic kind of lessons, but real life lessons? 

I remember once, during high school when we were required to write up a weekly diary and hand it over to our teachers. I have this, "habit" of excessively using the word "I" when discussing about issues. 
She replied
"Did you notice you have excessively use the word "I". Sometimes you have to stand in the shoes of others in order to understand things, don't be self-centered, you can't control everything."

Yes, I remember that until today, thank you. :) 


Project Hip Hope 2014 - The post-phh feelings

HI. :) Project Hip Hope 2014 has finally come to an end! As compared to last year's post-PHH thoughts and feelings, this year I feel more, satisfied, not the usual I don't know what to do next kinda feeling.

This time, I get to participate in the process of organizing and preparing BTS and performing as well.
Even though the process is tiring but,
being able to give, I am truly blessed that I have gained a lot as well.

I've gained knowledge, friendships, supports and experience. 

This post is more of thanking people who have been supporting me throughout (or even, before) the event. If you wana skip this part just head off to Mythology Project. They captured the great moments of the workshops and soul party itself.

OK. enough of all these.
Just watch these videos.


Now, the long (yet necessary) rant is here.

I joined John Teop Riley's Production and DJ Workshops this time. 
DJ is not easy. Thank you John! You are amazing!

To my family who'd been supporting me. 
Thank you for my parents' support, trusting me all the time when i venture into this whole hip hop thing. And my aunties, cousins, and siblings who came and watch me dance. It meant a lot, like truly a lot to me when I know my family is down there watching me dance :)

To the friends.
You guys are awesome, even those who are not on the event itself, THANKYOU. :D

High School Friends. These guys are like the best. THANKYOUAZILLION. 

My Roomie. Who has been supportive since last year's event :D 

Janice Lee. Always a babe, supporting and listening me rant about how stressful I am. Thank you.

Honeys for life. I think this is their first time watching me dance live as well. 

and not forgetting the in-laws as well. haha! 
Here I thank this annoying guy on the far right, for supporting and sharing my passion as well. :)

JinKun Yong as well for supporting me and Hongkai. (our only pictures are with you JinKun haha) 

AND the girls. 
Estillio x Spice girls. haha.

Estillio x our hot mama Silvya Lo.


This amazing mighty J-wreck. Joel Tan. :) 
Thank you. 

The family. Urban Groove. 
  & D'artiz
& Krosswerdz. 

Just head over to Mythology Project for more pictures and videos. 
Once the performance videos are out, I will post em up again. :D 

To the amazing friendships I've gain, 
Silvya, Christine, Alex, Mervin, Pastor Mark, Izzy, Oakbridge, Mistery, The Profit and baby Silas, the Rileys, tha Guard, Ekl, Faith, Lindsay, Charmaine. 
And the stronger bonds we share, 
Urban Groove family. 

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