Project Hip Hope 2014


Hello ya'll! :) How is July going on so far? Stayed up all night rooting for FIFA World Cup last night*yawns* I have tons of blog post ideas on the list right now. Manage to start off one by one already. so please do stay tuned for them!

July has been a crazy month for me, and my dance mates.
All of us are packed with schedules. Finals, projects, assignments, work etc
Even with all these, we are all working on one huge project - Project Hip Hope 2014. 

Yes, it is back.
We are doing this for the second time.
If you haven't, please check out my write up on Project Hip Hope 2013 here or watch them all here 

It's happening this week. I am extremely, extremely excited for it.
Can't wait to join the workshops and meet amazing people from the field sharing precious experiences with us :D


I cant wait to join DJ this year, woots woots. 

Do check us out  HERE to get more updated information.

We've put in so so much effort in organizing this.
I am sure it would be another event that would be the highlight of my July, or my year, even my journey.

Here is the teaser for this year's Project Hip Hope 2014. 

If you are interested or would love to know more, please do drop me an email at or just PM me in Facebook. I would be happy to receive them!

I've always see this as a great opportunity to learn and experience amazing things.
Experience and explore. 

P/S: I will be performing on Soul Party this coming Sunday 7pm at First Baptist Church as well representing Urban Groove and Estillio! Grab you tickets NOW. :P

Thank you for those who has been supporting all the way! I lup all of you! <3 u="">

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