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Happy Sunday ya'll! :) Yes we've made it, past through a busy week last week. Now go get some tea (or coffee), and do things you love/spend quality time with people you love. :) 

and don't forget to feed your stomach as well. 
Last Friday, I had a spontaneous breakfast/brunch outing with HongKai. He wanted some banana leaf rice but I didn't. I'm pretty lucky coz it was too early the the banana leaf rice restaurant isn't open yet *win**yay*

so we came across this nice cozy little place with loads of breads and cakes displaying, 

I love love love the place! The deco and environment is very quiet and relaxing, great for a relaxing morning when you have time to just, spend quality time with somebody/with yourself. :) 

Candid: fixing my nails i guess. 


His brunch set. Eggs x Bread x Potatoes x Bacon x Salad.
I'm glad he loved it (he was happy because there's two eggs -.-). 
and I love it too! The bread was really soft and crunchy at the outside, the salad was great coz I love vinegar dressings.

Toast x Bananas x Honey x Cream Cheese. 
I would guess this is the bestseller. It is definitely yums! :D 
The toast are really thick and soft!! om nom nom, I need this to handle my bad days. haha. 

The service is really good as well. I was hugging my bag all the time (as you can see in pictures above) because their tables for 2 was too small, the staff came over with another chair for me to put my bag aside so I can eat comfortably. So thoughtful of them! :) plus point for the good food we had.
Price wise, I would say OK not overly pricy. Both brunch we had was not over RM15 each .

Some candid pictures:

& here's one selfie of me and the man behind all the candid shoots.

will definitely go back for brunch with my favorite book :)

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