Floral x Denim


I have dresses that I've worn once, and don't feel like wearing it anymore because, I would probably wear them as it is. :/ But then, while I was scanning through them, I feel it is such a waste to just hoard them in the wardrobe without wearing them! :'(

SO, I decided to style them, dressing down the statement dresses.

#1: Floral.
I know it's Malaysia and we have 24/7 summer all year long. Summer dresses are the best! Mine is covered with a black background because I thought it would be a  great one to tone down the sweetness and to wear it out for a night look.

I remember wearing it by its own, and it looks great as well. This time I tried mix matching accessories to tone it down.

Learning how to mix and match simple necklaces 
TIPS: buy necklaces with different length, pair them together (same tone of colors will look great even if they weren't bought in sets)

An oxford flats will be a plus point to tone down any outfits! 

Tie a denim shirt around the waist, best way to spice things up without putting much effort. 

Dress from Effu, IOI Mall | Denim Shirt from Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid | Flats from Verns, IOI Mall, | Necklaces from Forever21 and Padini
THANK YOU! I hope you like this post :) 



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